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CNN’s The Uncounted: What Is War’s True Toll?

While I have never had suicidal thoughts I’ve written openly about my struggle with depression and General Anxiety Disorder (GAD) and how I would call the Suicide Hotline just for someone to talk too. As I think back I believe I had been experiencing depression and anxiety on and off since high school ,but it… Read more »

The “D” Word: 8 Tips for Preparing for a Deployment

Gearing up for a deployment can be overwhelming and very stressful because of all of the preparations that go into it. There are some very basic “absolutes” that need to be taken care of, so be sure not to put these things on the back burner in midst of everything. Legal documents – If you… Read more »

Lessons Learned As A Military Spouse

Facebook recently rolled out it’s Look Back video montage celebrating 10 years and when I viewed mine, I teared up. I saw a status rejoicing that first Skype date I had with my husband overseas, pictures of my husband’s home- coming, our family together and it got me thinking. I suddenly found myself reflecting on… Read more »

5 Ways For Military Spouses To Survive Valentine’s Day During A Deployment

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Many of us love to celebrate it, while some of us choose to ignore it. For those of us with a deployed husband, you may feel like forgetting it all together or even sad. What’s a girl to do in such a predicament? Well, it all depends on… Read more »

10 Ways To Beat The Deployment Blues

Trying to keep busy and sane during a deployment is no easy task. For many military spouses, this is a time when you find out that you’re strong enough to endure the many months apart from your soldier. Here are a few tips to help along the way. Never miss a call.  Although it can’t… Read more »

Get The Tissues: Military Dads Come Home and Meet Their Newborns (Video)

I am a total sucker for a good homecoming video. During past deployments I couldn’t stand to watch them at the beginning but as the ended neared they were absolutely how I got through those last few weeks. Although I have no small children I love to watch the videos of military dads meeting their… Read more »

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