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How to Find a “Real” Work from Home Jobs…Part Deux

The topic of working from home is a hot one , especially in the military spouse community with the introduction of the new initiative Michelle Obama introduced to help military spouses obtain work from home jobs. Yesterday I posted a video about how I earn money blogging from home and many people had questions about… Read more »

KGB Hires Military Spouses To Work From Home

Several times a week questions are posted on the Army Wife 101 Fan page from spouses seeking to work from home. As some of you may know ,quite often I write blog posts about working from home , how to find legit jobs and my experience as a work at home mom. I came across… Read more »

Check Out My Blog’s Feature on RollingOut.com!

I normally don’t post to much on the weekends but who wouldn’t be happy to see their face and a small feature about their blog on a magazine’s site. I recently had the chance to be featured in Rolling Out Magazine…Wanna see? Check it out here. This article will give some of you who have… Read more »

Working From Home With Chacha.Com

One of the most popular email questions I receive deals with working from home. If you are a frequent reader of Army Wife 101 , you know that I have worked from home since 2004 in various telecommuting positions. One of the most fun positions I have held before was for Chacha.com. I was literally… Read more »

Places You WON”T find a Legit Work At Home Job!

As mentioned in previous blog posts I have told you that I have been a work at home mom since 2004. I started off working as a dispatcher for an adult phone company, which meant taking billing info from pervs , then there was West in which I was a customer service representative , and… Read more »

Update on How Military Spouses Can Find Work At Home Jobs!

Lately I’ve received alot of questions about working from home and I thought it was time to do an update on how to find a Work At Home Job that is “FREE”. Check out the video below for how I found my wahm job. You can view all the jobs mentioned in the video.

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