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Everyday you awesome readers send me emails asking to advertise your business. Naturally I can’t advertise everyone myself due to the volume of requests I receive.

That’s where the Military Spouse Business Directory comes in. Reach thousands of military spouses looking for your product/service by submitting your listing to the proper category. Potential customers will be able to search by base and type of product.

Categories are available for everyone . Whether you sell cupcakes, are seeking help for your business, selling Scentsy, advertising your ETSY shop or more there is a spot for you here in the Military Spouse Business Directory.

The directory will be promoted frequently increasing the eyes who view your ad. In addition every Thursday I will share a business on the Army Wife 101 Fan page with over 56,000+ military spouses.

Disclosure: Army Wife 101 makes no claims as to how many sales or specific numbers of traffic you will receive from advertising our directory. I am also not responsible for any sales or issues that transpire from your contact with a customer via this directory.

Get Started Below!

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Becoming part of the Army Wife 101 Military Spouse Business Directory is simple.

$6 for 6 months or $12 for one year.

1. Submit Payment option choice to Kspell25@yahoo.com via Paypal and make sure to list the name of your business and the package you are purchasing in the NOTES section.

2. Click Here To Submit Your Directory Listing.

3. Approved Listings Will Go Live Within 72 Business Hours

4. You are responsible for images and graphics to place up your ad.

5. If you have chosen to advertise on the Army Wife 101 blog please email your advertising image to Krystel@ArmyWife101.com .



Although people have benefited from being featured in our Milpouse Biz Directory, advertising on Army Wife 101 does not guarantee sales or traffic. It does however give you the SEO privileges of the Army Wife 101 blog and can potentially allow you to show up in search engine results.


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  1. i have not had a very easy time with PayPal can you advise me on am alternate way to pay I can send cash or cashiers check whatever is easier PayPal always ales me open a credit card account that I do not want would like to Make an ad and pay for 12 mo. Asap

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