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5 Ways For Military Spouses To Survive Valentine’s Day During A Deployment

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Many of us love to celebrate it, while some of us choose to ignore it. For those of us with a deployed husband, you may feel like forgetting it all together or even sad. What’s a girl to do in such a predicament? Well, it all depends on… Read more »

Boom I Got A Signal…Stay Connected On The Go and During Deployments with AT&T Unite!

This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/NETGEAR. I remember when my husband was deployed feeling like I had to rush back home so I could get online to catch him on Skype. Sure you can video chat on phones but it’s never the same as a computer and the signal can be shotty. As military… Read more »

How My Weight Affected My Life As A Military Wife…True Story

I promise you Army Wife 101 is not turning into a diet blog. But  I have talked about my weight so much because it did affect me as a military wife. Let me be clear I am not being dramatic and speaking of being made fun of by stupid people online who make assumptions that… Read more »

Giveaway Closed* Foodie Friday: How To Send Fresh Baked Brownies Overseas Plus Fun Little Giveaway!

I know that we have many spouses who are really good at baking. I also know many of you love to send some sweet treats to your husband when he is deployed. Deployments suck but the fun part is preparing care packages for them. Recently Nielsen-Massey Vanillas sent me some of their products to try… Read more »

7 Things Military Wives Stop Doing When The Hubby Deploys

I’m sure you and your girl pals have discussed how you BS on certain things when hubby is away. Whether it’s household or something physical , I think we can all admit it does feel good sometimes to alleviate one task, at least temporarily. Yesterday I posed the question on our FB fan page: What… Read more »

6 Ways I Kept My Sanity During Deployments + Win Some Paypal Cash For A Cup of Coffee

Google” ways to keep busy during deployments” and you will find all the common things like volunteering or joining the FRG etc. For people like me who are not exactly sociable on a frequent basis (shocking right) I kept busy by creating certain type of theme days and  weekends for solely myself or the kids… Read more »

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