I met my husband online eleven years ago long before the days of Facebook and Twitter. In fact Myspace was probably still in beta and Blackplanet.com was where it was happening at. However we met on Love@AOL before it became Match.com and when it was free. We talked everyday for three hours on the phone and it was eight months before I actually came here to Fayetteville , North Carolina to meet him in person. When I look back at how silly and stupid I was back then , I call myself a damn fool.

Here I was meeting this man whom I had barely seen on camera because there was no Skype , Tango’s or Oovoo’s back then. We had a grainy version of Netmeeting that was as good as not seeing the person at all. I booked a ticket via Amtrak and came down here to Fort Bragg, North Carolina on a whim , really thinking that this guy I am talking to is going to exist and sweep me off my feet and hopefully won’t hide me in the woods in a dufflebag. Fortunately, for me I was lucky he (my husband) was exactly he said he was and did all of the above…well except for the hiding me in the woods part!

Unfortunately , for many it doesn’t turn out that way. I am astounded at the number of emails I have still been getting from women who are are engaged or dating so called military personnel whom they have never seen and have only talked to online. The dating online part isn’t even really the shocking part for me. What is shocking- is these fake military personnel who are leading naive ladies into believing they have found their soulmates, and getting rich off of them too.

The scheme these fakers are running is a pretty easy one because most women are sensitive and loving creatures who want to fall in love. We are easy prey, and when you have a man saying everything you want to hear it’s easy to get lost in emotion. The fake soldier comes across real by using fallen troops pictures and names. They believe that the payoff will be so great in the end, that they take time to get to know you and ask questions about your life as to create the illusion that they really care. They don’t care! They are trying to build your trust.

That scheme has also taken on the term Catfished, thanks to the popularity of the MTV Show “Catfish” based on people who are seeking to find out if the people they have become romantically involved with online; are really who they say they are.

After woo-ing the woman who he has most likely met via a social network or dating site, he then begins his pity story which usually revolves around one of these few scenarios:

*I am deployed with no family and I have a hard time getting what I need over here

* I am trying to come home on leave and I don’t have the money to do so

* I went AWOL and need money to get out of this situation

* I need you to apply for leave on my behalf (which require a fee)  because I really want to come and see you

If this has happened to you then you are officially being not only catfished but conned, duped, and scammed. This is nothing but another version of the Nigerian Money Scams.

To help prevent military imposters from scamming women, the Army Wife 101 team has created this all-in-one guide to protect your heart and finances. Get your copy of The Savvy Girl’s Guide to Outsmarting Fake Military Scammers here.

5 Ways To Tell If You Are Being Catfished Military Style

1. If the fake soldier starts giving you the story about how he needs things he can’t get “over there” but wants you to send money instead of a care package that is room for suspicion.Military members get paid and have access to the majority of what they need even in combat zones.

2. If the fake soldier says he needs you to sign papers for him to come on leave and send a fee that is an automatic red flag. Military spouses and significant others do not need to sign or pay for anything in relation to military coming home from overseas. Additionally leave from a combat zone is called R&R and is now only applicable if the service member is going to be overseas a year or more so be sure to ask him during your conversations how long he has been there. You can view fake examples of forms by clicking here: http://guardianofvalor.com/con-artists-using-fake-military-documents-to-swindle-money-using-soldiers-identities/ to see if they match up. Even if they say they are not in a combat zone but stationed overseas, they will never need you to sign off for them to go on leave.

3. If this so called soldier says he needs money to get out of being AWOL ( A term used in the United States Military to describe a soldier or other military member who has left his or her post without permission (usually in disagreement with a particular order”via Urban Dictionary”.) he is lying. No money you pay will get him out of this punishable act.

4. Ask scammers what they do in the military and their MOS which is a number followed by a letter.Sure they can google but if you happen to be on the phone and it’s taking them awhile to answer you that’s a red flag. Google Military MOS to help you verify.

5. Lastly remember Google is your best friend. Scammers like to use pictures of fallen soldiers so use the tool that the Catfish cast uses to search images with just one click. Click here for Google Image Search. You can also use some of the websites and Facebook pages that try to expose fake soldiers such as Stolen Valor and their official website Guardians of Valor .

Protect your heart and your wallet and get your copy of The Savvy Girl’s Guide to Outsmarting Fake Military Scammers.

Don’t be a sucker for online love so quickly. Do you research and don’t get Catfished!





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Krystel is the mom of two and an Army Wife. In addition to Army Wife 101 she is the Co-Founder of SoFluential.com a digital media agency that connects brands with the military market. She has appeared on MSNBC ,FOX LA and formerly was a weekly contributor to HLN's "Raising America". She has written for various outlets including Sheknows and Lifetime and is a big fan of cupcakes and french fries.

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    • Hi i dont know if hes scammer i hAve bf us millitary he said where planning to marry next year he visit me next month he.want me to pay the fiance visa becoz he cannot access the money in military becoz hes in mission right now i dont knos if hes scammer i want honest comment from u thnks

  2. Has anyone been contacted by Gerald Evert Jordan. He claims to be in the Army? He is so in love with my smile. He is half german. I have talked to him on the phone and he has a heavy accent but has lived in the states for 23 years. Watch out for him. He needs your money so you can get his package that he is shipping to you from customs

  3. Hi. Anyone know of Sgt. Craig Chris Stephen Murphy with the U.S. Army? Mos: 11z Senior Infantry Seargeant. We met through Plenty of Fish online dating and we have been messaging on Viber. He cannot Skype or call. I have looked his pictures up on reverse Google with no matches. He will not provide an address for mail. He gave me a usa.com email which raised red flags. He gave me the name of General Jordan Scharton to Skype with to verify his identity. He chatted on Skype but no video. The whole thing didn’t make sense. He has not asked for any money at all, but I am skeptical that he can only chat through Viber. We will chat only pieces at a time. An hour to two a week on Viber. Now he said that he is sick and we haven’t chatted for days. Any help with this is greatly appreciated.

    • Update:

      He is very much so a real person! I was able to confirm. Please take down the original comment. Thank you.

        • Im chatting with a girl who is stationed in Kabul Afghanistan and she wants me to get her a i tune card so she can listen to music and read books j asked her to turn on her camera she says she can’t that her camera is not working am i being catfished

        • Hello I have a question as well i been talking to a deployment military stg for about 2 months his name to appear on face book Kelly Mabry he have a daughter who is 4 and a sister his mother & father passed & his brother passed when he was young he asked me to send him money to help him return home to his daughter who needs brain surgery I have spoken with over the phone & FaceTime twice have been texting a lot on this app called WhatsApp he was messaging me on messager until he told me to get the app WhatsApp I called call him but he can call me he sent me a lot of pictures of him and even sent me a ring what my name & his name as engagement ring was hoping someone can help me find out if this man is real or It a scam

  4. This is a different question as I am not on face book.
    It is the same as many question but with a twist to it. My soldier has requested a leave to travel to Kuala Lumpur ( He states he is in Afghanistan) but because it is a personal leave, he needs help with paying for his travel. Also, when I send the money for his and my tickets to Malaysia, it will be held in an account at Head Quarters.

    He is very convincing, but has a million excuses why he will not send me a picture. He states that he would get in trouble and wasting time. I just ask for one picture to see if he was the same person .. as he had a disconnect about nine months ago.. but now he will not send.
    His name is Silvester Patrice and says he is stationed in Afghanistan ( in the Army ).
    How could I find out if this is true?
    Thank you for your help.

    • Hi Cheryl! I am sorry to tell you that you are being scammed. The government pays for them to go on R&R. That is how it works. Please avoid at all costs. I get these types of messages daily and women are getting constantly scammed.

      • I am a victim to a scammer as well. How can we let the person know, whom he is saying he is, that they are using their identity? Clearly the pictures he sent to me were of an army man, and I saw the name on his uniform. But I know that the person texting me is not that person at all. I would love to let these military guys know that their identity is being used. You can email me please. I would love to help any which way I can.

        • Thats what i want to know i. Been talkin to a man for 6 months on kik and he sends me pics of him he ay hes in the miliitary hes has facebook he doesnt know iknow i just hope hes real can you give me any advice or help on this

      • Hello army wife o am trying to figure out if I am being scammed or not but it seems so real and I want it to be so badly my military guys name is benson wilson and he is a sargent in the military republic and he is in afghanstan on project freedom and we talk everyday and we send pics all the time and he is suppose to be coming home in June but I need to no if he is really who he says he is and if I am falling in live with a real person or not could you please help me I need to no my name is April Branson my contact info is 7073880143 my email is aprilmcnally35@gmail com and I thank you so much you are awesome and I would live to be a army wife you seem to be really great I want my story to be as real as yours was

  5. I will like to find out if the guy to chat with me is not scammer, I see his face on video in Skype one time he said he uses his commander laptop because his lap was damage on a mission.. We contact each other by Plenty of fish, but he said he can’t talk on the phone he said he is is Syria, I don’t want to give the name that he used because I am not sure is he is real or not? he told me that he been there 2 years 7 months and ready to coming back in a few months..Please text me at my email and tell he how I find out is he is real, no matter if I see him one time only on video

    • Sometime scammers use prerecorded videos with no audio. They usually claim that the microphone is broken so only the camera is functioning.

      To check this out ask the man to put his hands on his ears, and the put them over his eyes.

      If it is realtime video you will se him do that. If he is a scammer he would not do that and ask you why don’t you trust in him.

      Be aware that the scammers would record your video, to use it, as a women to later scamming a real man.

  6. Hi, I’m a man and found a woman army girl, her name is Anaya luisa, she says she is in Nigeria on a special mission, , some Rebels got a hold of her laptop, now they have all her info, the rebels started contacting me and stated that she led an attack and now they are going to capture her , rape her and kill her, they aren’t asking for money , but she is, I’m already in dept trying to help her she says she has a inheritance that she needs help paying the taxes , now she wants my credit card info so she can pay my bills so I can pay the taxes, I’m trying to varrify if she is real or if she is a fallen soldier that someone is using her pics

    • It seems’s as a typical scammer.

      Run hers pictures trough Google Image Reverse, Bing Image Reverse and Yandex Image Reverse. If she has sent or posted her picture somewhere on Internet, you will find them. But have patience.

      You have to redo the search every week, if you don’t find anything the first time.

  7. My eyes have now been opened to how many scammers there are on dating apps like Tinder and others. I know I fell prey and I’m still struggling with the heart break because this scammer deceived me for months during a family tragedy and I feel like I lost a best friend. I did not send money but I was emotionally vulnerable. Now I feel like I must know if the scammer used pictures of a fallen hero or not. I feel like it is the only way I will get closure. If he is alive, I will celebrate and move on because he is probably married; but if he is fallen I want to pay my respects as he does not deserve for someone to use his pictures and name. Can you help me get the answers I am looking for?

  8. There is a guy that I have been talking to on Facebook and he says he’s in the military. He told me to request for him to go on leave and that I was his fiancé. So he sends me the email address to write his commander to request leave. He even sent me a pic of his military ID (if it’s even real). Trying to figure out how to find out if he is really who he says he is. He hasn’t asked me for money. I haven’t had any luck so far though with the research.

  9. Please someone email. Me I think me too. But we started to start he live in Huston Tx. And then he got will ill. Like bad headache or stress. I dont but for 24 hr he was in hospital and I was talking to someone else. I have deloyer name. Now he deployed to nigura.

  10. I have been talking to someone for a while now he says he is in kabul and he says he loves me i have not sent him money or nothing i can find nothing out about and he has a accent i dont think he is for real he said he lives in new york can you help me he always wants pictures of me he says his name is gregory porter can you check in to it

  11. I met a guy named Alex Castillo He says he’s in the army And he is in KabulI don’t know if to believe her or not He’s a very sweet man he talks to me real nice But I am so scared That he’s lying to me I just don’t want to be heartbroken

  12. Met a sargent on tinder. Says he is stationed in Nigeria and has been in the army for 8 years. He said his bank account has been frozen so he is unable to receive his pay. He has asked to use my account or to open up a card through target in my name that he can deposit his checks into. I have declined both.

    He has sent me pictures in uniform, of dog tags that do NOT have personal info on them and says he does not have his US ID or know his ssn. But did send me a picture of his military ID and was willing to send a picture of his passport.

    He says even if I won’t help he still wants to meet me when he is done with his tour in February but he cant video chat or talk on the phone until he gets paid.

  13. Ladies you are not alone. I am a gay man and had a scammer make an attempt on me. He contacted me via Facebook under the name Ty Bany.

    He said
    – He is a U.S. Army Sargent
    – He lost his husband 11 years ago to cancer
    – He has an adopted daughter by the name of Jennie who is 16 years old that he has had with him since she was 11
    – He had been shot in the leg but is better
    – He had the whole week off because he worked so hard
    – He loves dogs
    – He is not “selective” (when I told him that I was a fat man)
    – He was Native American but does not know his tribe
    – He was willing to sell his home and move to Maryland
    – He is originally from PA but his parents moved him out to L.A.
    – He didn’t like to talk about his family (intimating that there had been a rift between him and his parents because he was gay)
    – He came out at age 25, moved out of his parents house, and enlisted in the U.S. Army at age 26
    – He has an adopted son in Ghana named Ernie (though Ernie was always in all caps) that he was put in touch with by his former priest (says he’s a lapsed Catholic who doesn’t attend church but reads his Bible)
    – His son Ernie was orphaned when his mother died in childbirth and was living at the “Children’s Home”
    – He was sexually abused by his aunt
    – He would like me to take his kids on as my own
    – Said his daughter was very much interested in having another daddy since his husband died
    – Wants to open a bar and or jewelry store once he retires from the Army
    – He is expected to return to the U.S. sometime between January and March
    – He and 4 other men guard hospitals, childrens’ homes, & check points
    – He wasn’t allowed to use any type of video calling service (ie Skype), photography, or phone calls due to security concerns
    – He wanted us to work together in his business
    – He said he had been with no other man besides his husband (including during his tours of duty)
    – He want’s to get married
    – He liked country and R & B
    – His favorite food is pizza
    – He is a bottom (gay lingo indicating he is the umm… the catcher instead of the pitcher)
    – He talks to his son via Google Hangouts
    I have reported him to the Pig Busters website and Facebook. I am presently looking into reporting it to the US Armed Forces

  14. I can’t find the original post who pointed out a site called pigscammers.com but I didn’t get any hits for that but I did find pigbusters.com and sure enough I found the picture of some poor soul who obviously had his photos stolen. Thankfully they confirmed to me that the Ghanan bastard who was talking to me was a scam artist. They listed the name as Richard Ebert with a different email address. My “guy” was called Ty Bany who subsequently told me that his full name was Palms Bany Ebert

  15. I have started Talking to Sgt. Anderson John Hart via FB messenger. He has sent me pictures and I feel like they are of two different guys. He claims that he is from Bronx, NY and is in Istanbul, Afghanistan. His contract is over in 3 months and he wants to connect. Is there a way to find if he is real?

  16. I meet this guy in Facebook ,he is really nice but I’m not sure if he is using his real photo or is from someone else,he promised me to come and meet me in December he is in Afganistán, he’s name is James matins Andrew

  17. I’ve been chatting with a guy that claims he is in the military his name is Richmond Betts. We arr friends on Facebook and one day he sent me a message and we stared chatting. I thought he was a great person and was looking forward to meeting him he told me he would have to request leave and there would be a fee. Well because I didn’t know much about that part I’m gulity of doing that. What really got me is he was suppose to fly in yesterday and of course the worst happened he never showed. I feel so stupid but I do want to know if he is real or using someone else name. He does have accent like Nigeria. Oh he would call me just no video.

  18. Im dating a military guy who’s in Accra Ghana and he said his computer was stolen and I’ve gone on to sites where I’ve found people using his pictures with a different name and I have the same pictures that were stolen . His commander wants to get him home to me because we’ve been apart for 10 months , his mission is up in 2 months
    He gets upset to quick and shoots himself because he’s afraid of losing me ? What should I do

      • I need away to contact you how I do this I am new to this please help me I have been talking a man for awhile I need no if he is real he said his name is Mark Bobby Johnson he in Kabul Afghanistan on peace mission I just need no I have fallen for him he dose send me pics he got name Johnson on his uniform please help I am begging you we meet on Facebook

  19. I’ve been chatting with a Sargent John Herrera. He says he is in Afghanistan. I have pics of him and his children. He wants me to send him an iTunes card. He has said hes real and I’m not sure is can you help me please..

  20. Pati,

    I feel exactly the same as you. I been talking to ‘Sean Jason’ a sergeant in the US army deployed in Nigeria since February this year. Widowed, 2 children and was due to retire in July. He manipulated me very expertly into sending him £1130.00 and I have just found out several days ago that this was a Nigerian scam.

    Sean Jason is really Jason Kercheski who is ex military and has had his identity stolen by the Scammer. All the photo’s ‘Sean’ sent me are on line on the Scammers Unite website.

    I have been left totally bereft, after speaking to ‘Sean’ for the past 10 months 24/7 everyday and to now realise he never existed has actually broke my Heart.
    All the conversations I believed I was having with him and all the plans we made was just pure nonsense. He never existed!! All the things of my everyday life I told him about and believed I was actually sharing my day to day life with, were being said instead to a dirty stinking Nigerian scammer!! For the past 10 months I believed I was going to get married and move to Baltimore and be mother to his children instead I have been left feeling violated, robbed and the biggest fool that ever walked the earth! Where do I go from here?

    I have now filed a complaint to the British police and UK Anti Fraud Team, to the Fraud Branch of the FBI and to Tinder to have his profile removed as I see the scammer has reposted it again using the name Scott!!

    They have to be stopped, this is one of the worst things to have ever happened in my life and I don’t think I will ever trust any man ever again!

      • I have been talking to a man that said he is in the army and he wants me to open a bank account so he can have money deposit into the account he has sent pictures I have his name and rank how do I find out if he is real

        • The military is very big on protecting the security of their military. Why would he need you to open a bank account? In the military you MUST have an account to receive direct deposit so he already has one.

      • Hi! I’m thinking I just did something I should’ve. I’ve been talking to the guy and he seems real. But I’m having a lot of red flags. He got very upset when I’ve called him out.
        He wanted money for his daughter so the
        Nanny could buy her some stuff. And he couldn’t get anything to them.
        So yes I did it! I want to know if he’s real.
        His pictures have his name on his uniform.
        He found me on Facebook.

    • Was it Scott Spencer hardy by any chance? His wife died of cancer and he has two children? He needs money for a business in Nigeria?

    • this has to be stopped they are doing this to so many women, I have been talking to a man said his name was crist,scott ,,

  21. Hi has anyone heard for Russell Andrews Jr he is scamming my friend so bad she is blind she has cancer and Runs around town getting loans and not paying them back for him!! Need help got images but nothing shows up on visual searches

  22. Hi need to no if this guy I have been talking to is real Mark Bobby Johnson he on peace mission in Kabul Afghanistan we have showed each other pics I have got some from him his uniform says Johnson but I begging you I need no if he real . Home town South Carolina please help me you can also find me on Facebook Tonya Smith

  23. Here is my story. Talking to Richard Harris McMullen from Beaumont, TX who is stationed in Nigeria. Richard states the following. Has a home in San Antonio and one in Ft. Lauderdale Florida, provided the zip codes to each of these two homes. Provided photos along with different bases he was stationed at here in the US. Has been in the military only 7 years. This is his last deployment and he has now 4 months left and he is done. It will be in March 2018 that he will be stateside. He has only asked me for an iTunes card, which I got $50 scratched off the back and sent him a photo. He watches the Barcelona soccer games and knows that exact date and time of these games. I ran some information through a high-ranking member if the military and he was able to confirm some things but not everything, since he himself had been deployed to Africa a few times.

    The pattern is the same
    1. Widow
    2. Single Dad with a daughter
    3. needs phone

    See I have met a lot of service men and women that do actually go through these things in real life. Their spouse, cheats on them while they are away, there may be a death of their spouse and there are those who take this and scam people, while there are others that are really going through it.

    I have a military address for this person, I have a mailing address for this person, he has never asked me for money and the iPhone that I am sending is an extra one that I had as a back up phone. I did tell him that my son cracked his phone screen and he said “give your son the one you were going to send me, and send me the broken one” it only cost me $33.95 USPS to send to a Nigerian address to the attention of Daniel Toye c/o Richard McMullen.

    So my question, am I being scammed?

    • Yup common scam the whole widow with a child in Nigeria thing. You’re high ranking military member friend should have told you that mail wouldn’t be sent in c/o of anyone. Was it an APO or FPO address is the key?

  24. I really need to know if I’m getting catfished or not by this military guy I don’t know if he is a real person or not. He’s not asking for money but he asked for me to send him a iTunes card for his body present . My email addresses is raguiar75@outlook.com. I need your help

    • You
      Know I had the same thing happen to me. I sent $450 in iTunes cards and now he says he is going to Africa for one day and needs $200 from me so he can buy some things he needs while there. My heart tells me this is a scam. He is not shy about asking for money at all. Is this a scam. Name he goes by is Alvin Nelson of Dallas, Texas.

  25. Does the military pay for internet? I’m being ask for money to keep his internet going so we can keep talking. $150. Red flags on my end. He’s U.S. Army in Africa right now.

    • They have free computers in the MWR and yes they pay a small monthly fee to access the net in their rooms. If he is in Africa chances are he is lying. Not that many service members there.

  26. I’ve been chatting with a man for seven months now through whatsup.
    He claims to be an American soldier but I’m starting to doubt it.
    He says he now been granted leave for a month and wants to visit me but that the army only pays the ticket back home, is this true? He has asked me to assist him with it but obviously I said no. If someone is so interested in me as he claims to be the least he can do is pay for his own ticket to visit me.
    I have also asked him for an email from his military account and received it but when I respond it I received in return that the email don’t exist.
    What do you think?

  27. Hi. I met this guy in OKC recently. We’ve been exchanging messages and emails and i must admit i felt he was too good to be true but I gave him the benefit of the doubt. After all, i’ve been asking if he’s real and he insist that he is. He said he just wanted to find his True Love and settle down after his deployment in Afghanistan. So to cut it short, i fell in love with him. He was such a knight in shining armor and promised to make it up to me once his deployment ends in 3 months. However, i still had my doubts so I checked online the signs on how to find out if it’s fake or not. Well he did not ask for any money from me or any of those asking for anything online, he’s not always online and just usually message me late wee hrs for at least 5-10 minutes, we had our first skype video call but it was really quick since he said he was on duty and there was no voice as he said due to poor connection but will call me back again for another video call once he’s available.. So i thought maybe he’s for real .. But then again, i found out his picture online, it’s a common picture being used by scammers. :'( I felt bad and ashamed for falling in love with someone who might not be the real him..

    He’s not aware that I know about all the fake military scam and me having an idea that his pictures might be fake and I continue to talk to him. Why? Because i wanted to find out what are his motives. Why is he luring me or what if he’s really the REAL guy on the picture. So i was wondering if you can advise me on how to find out any sign if he is really fake or for REAL even if 80% of knows he’s not. Thank you!

    • i think i chat with your nite and shining armour tobut when i first talk to him he told me he was on the front line and ask me to pray for him which i did faithfully ever nite and he was such a gentleman and his pic was ever womans dream but then he told me a story that the flood in texas was very bad and a member of his family needed help that the goverment was slow getting help to her so i ask if i was to send money where would i send it to and he came up with a algerian address and i said i would not send money there so he said he would talk to his relative to see where she wanted it to go he gave me a address of a woman that was suppose to be his cousin and then later gave me another address of another woman he says he is not on face book but he has a fakepage up i believe is of a person that i think he might have stole his pic he is dressed in a american uniform goes by the name john henry i wont put the last name on here out of respect for the other real hero i will not say his last name on here
      thank you

  28. I met guy on f b he suppose to be army personal on deploy in damascuss syria his name sageant Mathew Darger since we met on f b he been asking me iTunes card than money for food also for helping him to pay for leave application than air fare home to Tempe Arizona which I did sent but mote problem arise when he ready to buy ticket apparently the fare up he need more money when I told him I couldn’t help him anymore he call me heartless person to let him die in the Warfield and he instruct me not to write to him anymore just like that yet we been chatting for 6 mth he had all exucrses for us not video chat cause he is at war but did sent me many photos supposed to be him in army uniform or with his mom and grandma to convince me he is real but all that end on such drastic way cause I couldn’t give him mote money I have the feeling he is fake I have name of person who I’m sending the money for him to in IOWA Would you be able to yell me if he is real or not I also notice he didactic his f b twice and took his photo away at the end he deleted it.. I felt drain by this person and break my heart the way he conclude our friendship I realy need to find out if this person real or fake hope you could help me many thank

  29. There is one man said that he works for US army and now he took the duty in Syria. He said he had reward like hundred whousand milion USD and a box that he wanted to send to me to keep. The logistic sent me email and ask me for Name, Address, ID so that i can receive the box… I wonder what happens next?? Just worry if they used my personal info even i’m the one from Vietnam.

  30. Wow, these stories are heartbreaking and mine is no different this one is Shook John Edward and chats went well until he asked for money. He claims to be US Army widowed and has two sons. I asked the name of his home base and commanding officer and he would not give either and said i should trust him…i think not. I to have been on an emotional roller coaster and need to get off. He claims to be stationed in Syria and goes on about how bad it is there. I have asked that he prove to me who he is and that if course did not go well.


  32. I recently met a soldier on line and would desperately like to know if he is who he says he is. His name is First Class Sergeant Alex Smith from Fort Sam in Houston Texas, currently stationed in South Korea. Can anyone please let me know how I could verify this man is who he says he is?

  33. I have chatting with james malcon he said working in united nations in iraq he ask me to send letter to united nations for leave and come here to meet each other. But he never ask money is this a scam?

  34. A few days ago I was sent a friend request on Facebook…at first I ignored it, then I deleted. Well, this guy sent me a message…I replied, and we started a bit of a chat. He indicated he was born in Ontario, Canada, but moved to Miami, FL after his parents divorced (he was 12 at that time). Claims to have been in the Army for 26 years..when I asked his age he said 57. I did the math didn’t match his story..when I called him on it I could tell it upset him as he replied something like “what are you trying to say or do”. I said “get a straight answer”! He said he was in Syria…His Facebook page indicated that he was to marry earlier this year. Funny, he was calling me baby, and angel pretty quick…after a brief chat I got out by saying I have to go to work..today (June 4) his responses on chat have been replaced with a message from Facebook that his account is being investigated for being fake. I KNEW IT WAS!! Mi Mi Gold was his name, and there was some nickname in parenthesis that I don’t recall…

  35. Yes I have one also. He and I have talked by phone and text for over a year. He asked me for $10,000 at first now it’s $5,000 for him to use a ” back door” to come to the states from Syria lmao. He goes by TYLER CLARK JOHNSON. LADIES PLEASE BEWARE. IF ANYONE ELSE HAS BEEN IN CONTACT WITH THIS SCUM, PLEASE WRITE ME BACK. MY NAME IS BETH CLINE. THANKS ALL. PS I NEVER EVER SENT EVEN ONE FREAKING RED CENT. IM NOT THAT STUPID OK. LOL. GOOD LUCK ALL. THESE PEOPLE ARE JUST THE LOWEST OF THE LOW. GOD BLESS

  36. I think this is absolutely dreadful what is happening to us women by these so called soldier’s, I had been talking to a Crist,scott who had the most beautiful personality and pushed all the right buttons for me with his charm, he asked me to marry him and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me, but I had my doubts about him because thing’s didn’t add up and once I started to question him he got so angry and his attitude changed,as far as I am aware they are Nigerian or African scanners, and after reading on here some of the story’s it makes me so angry.

  37. My friend is corresponding with a Sgt Brian Hughes in Syria. He hasn’t asked her for anything as yet. He sent her to a website called c4armybase.com to verify who he was. Is that a real Army website? I want to stop her before she does something really crazy.

  38. Been victim scammed more than once, The last one has different names /different scammers. The name I have is Josh Lopez-Matta. Army, maybe retired. Pictures from all over, Seen about 40 pages of photos some repeated. I saw someone else scammed as the same time I was. I have also been scammed by oil riggers, contractors. All have similar stories. Cant help wonder if this Josh is aware or maybe one on the scammers early on. Someone has photos over the years posted or they continually hack his photos wherever he keeps posting. Many names have been used so unreal to find the actual person. SAD! Be careful.

  39. I have been chatting with a guy who claims he’s in the US Army. He wants to talk to me on the phone but says I ha e to email the Dept of veterans affairs at the address below. Sounds fishy to me?
    To whom it may concern
    I am …… and I am writing this mail for sgt James Clark Martinez SSG. Whom we are together . All
    relationship rules  States that communication is vital in it and we need to talk we have  /8 hours time difference between us which it difficult to talk and we keep missing each other. The line would solve all communication problems and strengthen ties and bonds between families of veterans. I hope my request will be attended to with most urgency sincerely.


    To :-usarmyveteransaffairsonline@usa.com

  40. I’m talking to 2 one in Syria Eliot Edison a dr he has asked for money for his son and wants me to recive his 1.2million into my bank account but I have to pay £850 to release it
    The other is a dr Tempel r Thomas in Afghanistan wants me to pay his diplomat 200 for air fare to bring a package over for me are these people real I’ve seen pics and spoke on the phone Tempel needs 25000 to get out of his deployment help me please I’ve had a breakdown because of all this I just can’t bring myself to delete them

  41. met a guy on POF site and he is asking for my full name and email address which scare me… We are only texting and our conversation has been amazing but I don’t know if he is real. He said he is in the Army in Syria right now and sent me a picture of his badge and his email address.
    How can I verify this is real and not fake. Sgt Robert Williams

  42. I need help. I’ve been talking with a man says he’s a sergeant Kevin lannon He calls me on the phone and we talk on hangout. I’ve seen piturcs of him and found him Him on Facebook the pic own Facebook match the pic he has sent me on hangout. Problem is he say his in Syria. He hasn’t ask of anything from me. But after reading everything on this site it worries me. He says he’s German American but his accent is different. Please help is this guy for real.

  43. I’m talking to this guy. His name is porter Amos. I know he is a scammer. I did send him a few iTunes cards. Before I found out he is a scammer. My problem is that he wanted to come meet me and I needed to request his leave so stupid me mailed he’s commander and requested his leave. My problem is that I send a copy of my drivers license. I want to block him but I’m afraid that he is going to do something to me because he had my address. I just need to know if it’s safe to just block him. Your help is greatly appreciated thank you

  44. His name is Stephen Michael Handerson in Kabul Afghanistan and he is doctor.
    Send him lots of itunes card, thousands of dollars. And her is supposedly rich but does not have access to his money. Help is he real or not. good looking and intelligent.

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