The military base! With cannons shooting at any given time, jumbo jets roaring over your home, and soldiers running and shouting  cadence… It’s a semi abnormal life.

To add to the list of factors that makes living on base a tad bit abnormal, here are some rules you probably had no idea you were breaking.



Excuse Me Maam Pull Over

Every morning the flag is raised and lowered in the evening. If you hear the music that accompanies this Reville or Retreat, rules state you must pull over. Although many people don’t…hence the reason you didn’t know.

Stop Walking

I felt really stupid when the “Retreat” (signals the end of the day) happened one time while I was walking into the commissary. I started panicking when soldiers stopped where they were. Even in the parking lot soldiers froze in place. What did I do? I ran my butt into the commissary. I had no idea I was supposed to stop and face the flag. A flag which by the way I didn’t see. So take note the next time you are out (on base) and you hear the retreat, you need to stand still.

Give Me Some Love…In Public

Uh nope…you can’t touch me. At least not while he or she is in uniform. It’s considered inappropriate and exceptions are usually only made when they are leaving or coming home from a deployment. It sucks because they look so good in uniform!

No Copies Please

Shockingly, I’ve even had to tell businesses that will military personnel or a dependent cannot have their ID photo copied. Don’t believe me? Read here. Never let anyone photo copy or even take pictures of your military ID.

No Lips Beyond The Hips (breaking the myth)

Many people thought that the military had rules against certain sexual acts. While section 125 of the UCMJ does refer to oral sex, it mainly refers to it in regards to being forced to perform it… aka sodomy.  There is also talk about how a certain position is the only one allowed during intercourse. While I’m not a lawyer, I pretty much gathered that if this were the case, then everyone (military wise) would be in jail.

Remote Start

Apparently remote starts and unattended cars are not allowed on military bases. The remote start supposedly can cause interference with some military equipment. While I haven’t been able to officially verify this, it seems to be an unknown rule.

You In Uniform…No Bueno

That whole GI Jane thing sure sounds sexy, but in the eyes of the wrong person, it could get your soldier in trouble. Avoid wearing his uniform for pictures, and if you choose to please don’t post it on FB.

Don’t Spazz…There’s A Reason He Couldn’t Talk To You

Ever been pissed because you called your soldier and he didn’t answer? Chances are he was simply following the “No Walking And Talking” rules. Soldiers must stand in place when talking on their cell phone.

What crazy military rules have you broken?




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3 Comments on 8 Military Rules Some Military Spouses Have Broken

  1. When we were dating I got really hurt/angry with my now-hubby because he wouldn’t even hold my hand while in uniform and walking in the base. And when I tried to kiss him, he didn’t allow me. He explained me why, as soon as I allowed him, lol. But it felt strange at the beginning. Now it’s fun to sneak a hidden kiss in the car because they do fine in their uniforms, LMAO!

  2. There is an exception to the no copies. If you read the DoD instruction on it military ID’s also act as your insurance card and healthcare facilities and doctors office can make copies for insurance purposes

  3. My husband ignores the no public displays of affection rule, he has consistently for 22 years but he never does more than hold my hand or a quick kiss hello and goodbye. He’s never been in trouble for it and we’ve had PDAs on 10 different installations.

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