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Every week it seems I am reporting that Army Wives has gained some new well known cast member. A few weeks ago I told you singer Ashanti and two other new actresses Torrey Devito and Elle McLemore would join the cast. Then last week I reported that Summerland and All My Children alum Jesse McCartney will join the cast playing a new private on his first deployment and married to Elle McLemore’s character.

I just learned yesterday Army Wives is adding some serious star power and that 80’s icon and actress Brooke Shields will join the cast playing an Air Force Colonel Pilot Katherine “Kat” Young who has a tough exterior and will clash with General Holden, but soon enough a tragic past of hers will be revealed.

Army Wives has really stepped up their game this season with this all new cast and it looks like it will be an interesting one.

And because everyone has been asking the Hollywood Reporter reports that Season 7 of Army Wives returns on March 10th 2013 at 9pm EST.



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  1. Yay!! That’s not that far away at all. Definitely looking forward to seeing all the new faces, just hope they haven’t gotten rid of alot of the regulars! I was so angry about last years “series/season finale” fiasco but I’m glad they’re back and ready to show us what’s going on!

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