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Q. I wanted to know what happens if we move to our new duty station and no housing on post is available , what do we do?

A. Brittani once again thank you for writing Army Wife 101 again!

This is a really great question and part of it I wrote about a few weeks ago. I always tell spouses to always plan as if you might NOT get housing onpost. When my husband and I PCS’ed to Georgia I was already looking for homes off post this way , if we were not able to get housing right away(which we didn’t) we would already have an idea of where we wanted to live. You will want to make sure you visit housing first  and if you choose so put your name on the waiting list anyway . They will inform you when your # comes up on the list. They too can guide you to particular areas to live offpost.

The Dept of Defense has a really great tool called the Army Housing Referral Network which I did a video on a few weeks back. Simply put the AHRN site helps Army families to find housing near their post which fits into there BAH range and offers a military clause in the lease. Their are also some other great features which you can search by.

When you and your spouse arrive at his new duty station he should be allowed 10 days of permissive leave which most soldiers use for the sole purpose of house or apartment hunting. This will be your time to actually go and do some actual searching but, you can make better use of this time if  you already have your sites narrowed down.

Best of Luck!



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