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My husband and I have the kind of  relationship where we tell each other everything. There are no big dramatic secrets because what’s the point. Tell whatever it is and get it over with. There was one thing he wasn’t telling me and it was that internally he was suffering. He eventually told me that he wasn’t scared to tell me but he didn’t want to worry me because he was worried enough.

It was only when my husband left Active Duty last year that he was diagnosed with PTSD. I think any military spouse whose spouse has served in a combat zone always knows that PSTD is one of the possible consequences of war. In our own way on homecoming day we are looking and listening to see if there is anything different. Most times after a week or so we figure all is okay if we don’t see any obvious signs of change or what we perceive to be tell tale signs of PTSD.


His symptoms were not evident right away to me. Eventually  I did start to notice that he was on edge more, was having trouble sleeping and seemed uneasy when we were out. Living off post but very close to Fort Bragg and Pope AFB posed the constant rumble of helicopters and planes which really seemed to bother him. More events happened and thankfully we were both shaken enough that it didn’t take any convincing to get him to talk to someone.

I share all this again to say that there are many factors and symptoms involved in PTSD and it’s not just the scenarios you see on TV. My husband’s case was just one but there are so many service members suffering as well and talking to someone and getting help are essential to getting better.

I am so proud that my husband sought help and everyday works harder to live life as normally as possible.

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