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So, do you really care if Beyonce lip synced the National Anthem?
The buzz around the media right now is whether or not Beyonce really sang the National anthem at the inauguration or was it pre recorded.  At first I thought, here goes the media again trying to find something wrong with another celebrity.  It doesn’t matter, she looked gorgeous and the song was beautiful.
Today is a different day.  Since everyone had been weighing their opinions in on the topic, I thought I’d give it another look.  Unfortunately, I decided to give the performance another look right before I logged on to do my online bill paying.  The beginning of the year is pretty expensive for my family personally. We have winter babies, so that’s three birthday’s! (Well 2 are on the same day, but still)home owner dues, gymnastic dues, ect.
Now, I’m not saying that Beyonce has anything to do with my bills. What I am saying is she has a beautiful gift that she is paid extremely well to use. That is her money maker, and that is what made her famous and get the invitation in the first place. Although, I like to think I am talented in many ways, my husband is the bread winner in my family. He cannot record himself being involved on one deployment and then send his unit the PRERECORDED video when the next deployment comes along. He has to be there In person and do his job.
So after clicking away our hard earned money paying bills, I felt completely different than I did the day before. Celebrities experience a life of financial freedom (the ones that have a good financial team anyway). The very least celebrities can do for all of us non celebrities, is give us the real talent.  If you make a mistake, so what. We can relate to mistakes because we are all human.
Beyonce lip syncing the National Anthem is like a professional bowler using bumper guards! But that’s just my opinion…and I am no celebrity!



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10 Comments on Does Anyone Care if Beyonce Really Sang the National Anthem?

  1. Being a former military musician and married to one, I feel like at events like inauguration there are well paid military musicians that can sing the Anthem in it’s original form and without the need to have it pre-recorded. So, it gets under my skin when they lip sink it, screw it up or just sing their own crazy version.

  2. I don’t think ANYONE should lip sync the National Anthem! If you are invited to an event such as the the president’s inauguration, you need to do what you are there to do Beyonce and that’s SING not just stand there and look pretty.

  3. I think it is bull for her to get up there and disgrace the nation with her inability to perform her job. Furthermore, I feel that the organizers of the event and the final approval authority (Obama) should also be held accountable. A true American would have made sure that the Nation’s Anthem would be sung by somebody who would be proud to do it live. Whatever.. this country is going down the crapper. This is just another instance to prove it.

    • While I do agree with you that she shouldn’t be able to get up there and “pretend” to do her job at such a special event (IF that is what happened), I have to say that I’m pretty sure the president of the free world doesn’t get involved in coordinating things in preparation of the Inauguration aside from helping to write his own speech. Do you really think someone went up and asked President Obama if he minds if the performer lip syncs?? LOL That is SOOOO somebody else’s job/responsibility.

  4. Well, like I said, it really doesn’t matter to me one way or the other how she did it. But in Beyonce’s defense and in response to those who feel she did not use her talent… Uh, yes she did use her own talent; it’s not like she lip synced to Whitney Houston or some other person’s voice. She simply pre-recorded it for whatever reason she, in her professional opinion, decided to do so. And, in so doing, she played it off excellently because until some butt head spilled the beans, none of us would have known of it.

  5. I think it was wrong for Beyonce to lip sync the performance when Kelly Clarkson and the other artists sung live. I understand not practicing with the band but she had to have known in advance she would need to practice and besides with her performing live on so many occasions, she could have easily gotten up there and winged it! All she needed to do was follow along with the band. I hope she didn’t get paid to lip sync the anthem!

    LOL Krystel, ” bowler using bumper guards!” I agree 100% hahahaha!

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