It is safe to say that everyone is looking forward to saying goodbye to 2020, and kids are no exception. With the new year approaching, many of us are thinking about the end of 2020 and ushering in 2021 in style. Here are a few ideas on hosting a New Year’s Eve bash that is kid-friendly and held during the day. Have a Happy Noon Year this year!


Think about the activities you enjoy at a good New Year’s Eve party and modify them for the Noon Year. Dancing is always popular, and kids love a great game of freeze dance. You could also play the Kids Bop version of today’s top hits for some kid-friendly popular dance floor music.

Who doesn’t love a great party picture? Kids love to play dress up and take photos of themselves and others. You could create a selfie station with fun décor, or perhaps a photo booth with New Year’s themed props. Maybe you or someone you know has a new instant print camera, and the photos taken can double as party favors.

Celebrating the New Year wouldn’t be the same without thinking about resolutions. Make this activity kid-friendly by setting up a craft area with stickers, washable markers, construction paper, and craft supplies for the kids to write and decorate their own New Year’s resolutions. The crafts can also make for a fun keepsake from the celebration itself.

Décor and Costumes

Dressing up in style to celebrate the New Year is always part of the fun. Make this fun for the kids by creating a dress-up theme or ask all to wear party or festive attire. Maybe you can finally use those holiday outfits more than once this year.

A party would not be a party without decorations, hats, noisemakers, and balloons. You could incorporate decorations into a party activity as well. Have the kids create some party décor to use at the party itself. Don’t forget, stores like Michaels and Party City offer a great military discount so you can stock up on New Year’s party décor without feeling guilty.

Countdown to Noon

Kids love to countdown to things, which will be a hit at the Noon Year celebration. Play up the countdown while getting all of the kids involved. Download a countdown app, make a big splash of noise at noon, and toss the confetti.

You could consider a kids’ toast to the Noon Year using sparkling juices or ginger ale in fun plastic cups. Is there a tradition your family participates in each New Year’s Eve? Maybe it could be altered to fit the Noon Year theme instead.

If anyone has a disco ball, you could have the ball drop to ring in noon. An alternative would be to play a video of a former ball drop from Times Square during the countdown to noon.

As with most holidays this year, New Year’s Eve will look a tad different due to the pandemic and social distancing. We must get creative about celebrating and making the day memorable for our families. Younger children often miss the fun of celebrating the new year because they aren’t allowed or physically can’t stay up until midnight. Noon is an excellent alternative time for these little ones to celebrate instead. This year is the perfect year to celebrate in a non-traditional way. Happy Noon Year to you and your families!





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