Cannon AFB-Delaware Ct.

My husband’s mom had recently died, and my mom had come across a family picture of his family when the kids were little and his mom was healthy, so she framed it and sent it to us.

The picture was sitting on the bar area of the kitchen counter, and I was sitting about 5 feet away on the computer. My husband was in the bedroom, and all the sudden, I heard something smash against the glass door near me, and when I looked down, the picture was on the floor.

I started ugly crying! There is absolutely no way that the picture could have gone from the counter to the door. Even if it fell off the counter, it wouldn’t have been close to the door. My husband tried to reassure me that it was no big deal, but it scared him, too! There is no explanation for that picture flying 5-6 feet off the counter and slamming in to the glass door with that much force.

Zuni Circle- Fort Hood, TX

We lived off post for about 2 years when we first PCSed to Texas.

We moved on post in 2012 and lived in one of the renovated duplexes. We had a 5 bedroom/3 bathroom home.

There was nothing major out of the ordinary at first, but then little things started happening. First the lights would flicker and then the bulb would go out. I originally thought it was just old wiring, but we paid to have a real electrician come out and it wasn’t the wiring. Brand new bulbs would go out all the time. I would hear people walking upstairs constantly. I figured since it was a duplex, I was just hearing our connected neighbors.

My son and daughter had a bathroom in between their rooms that they shared. I kept opening the door and it would close. My son kept closing it though I didn’t see him doing it. I still didn’t think much of it until my son threw a fit when I opened the bathroom door. He stared crying and screaming for me to close the door. When he finally calmed down he told me that there was a man in the red tub asleep and that he didn’t want anyone in there. The door stayed closed all the time after that and my kids stopped bathing in there.



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