This week’s look of the week is probably one of the best yet. I think it takes quite a girl to pull it off and a very creative gal at that.

This “Look of the Week” comes from Rose D.

She says: I bought the tutu from a friend who makes/sells them (Ariana from Boutique Bella). She also made the hair bow, which is red, white and blue with a yellow ribbon! I pieced together everything else to make a unique, flirty and fun, patriotic homecoming outfit.

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8 Comments on Homecoming Look of The Week: Red White & Blue Tutu

  1. I thought the same thing as the other lady, its cute on a littel girl but for a grown woman I thought its better in the bedroom then going to go pick him up.

  2. Not sure how I feel about this because my daughters wore the same tutu’s when their dad came home. Takes a confident woman to wear one for sure. She does look beautiful and that she pulled it off. Kinda on the fence with this look though.

  3. I like it! It’s fun, flirty, patriotic, and her man will be very happy to see her.. even if he jokes with her later about the tutu.. it’s a wonderful memory she created for him on his return. Go Rose D!!

    • I agree with you Tabitha, she is creating one of those memories you never forget. I read the other posts and well I see it this way…this is how she is dressing for her man, not anyone else. It has to be public though, and I see her as decently covered, fashionable in what she is doing (catching her mans eye) and with a look in her eyes that should be there…happiness he came home safe to her…

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