Recently I did a book review about advice from Army Wives.  One of the things that stuck with me from one of the contributors was how amazed you will be when you look back at the strength you had in certain situations.  It is so true of Army Wives, we are a strong bred of women.  I know you have found yourself telling your non-army friends a story of what has happened to you and they are shocked at something we find normal.  For example, if I tell my friends back home about how I gave birth to my first child while my husband was in the beginning invasion of Iraq in 2003, they are horrified.  Tell the same story at a gathering of Army Wives and not only have most of them been there and done that, but some have done it more than once!

I once cut my hand while my husband was gone and had to take care of a 10 month old baby with my left hand only for 6 weeks. (BTW, I am right handed) Seriously, changing diapers with one hand is not an easy task.  I had lots of people offer to help, but another thing we Army Wives have in common is pride, we don’t like to take help if we think we can do it ourselves!  When I look back on these events in my life, I wonder how the heck I made it to where we are today.

The truth is bad things happen to everyone, but the true test is how you come out on the other end of it.  One thing that I deal with everyday is my 9 year old son having autism.  He is about as low functioning as it gets and cannot talk.  Life is a constant struggle, yet we always make it to the next day.  When my husband is home I think I can never handle him leaving again…and then he leaves and I suck it up and life goes on.  I deal with it somehow and I know I will look back one day and be amazed at everything I did while being an Army Wife and I hope you do too!



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