One thing I have always said for years is no matter where the military sends you in the United States if you don’t recognize anything else you are almost guaranteed to see a Walmart close by.

Recently one of my favorite military discount sites Military & Veterans Discount Network created a petition asking Walmart to consider offering a military discount to military members and their families.

As a blogger I receive a lot of press release and news of things Walmart does for the military, which happens to be quite a bit. MVDN listed some of those deeds below.

This includes:

  • In 2010, the Walmart committed $10 million to serve and help the veteran community
  • Walmart actively hires former military personnel and their spouses
  • Walmart is a premier sponsor of the SCORE Veterans Entrepreneurship Program
  • Walmart honors fallen Heroes through Wreaths Across America
  • The Walmart Foundation donated $3.6 million to help military personnel earn college degrees

It was after taking in all the wonderful endeavors that Walmart does for our military and frequent questions from the MVDC community that the creators decided to answer a burning question that (believe it or not) many had “How come Walmart doesn’t offer a military discount”? Call it what you want but even I who like MVDC realizes a discount is a privilege not a right has wondered this just our of sheer curiosity, I mean it only makes sense if you think about it.

In any event MVDC needs 100k signatures in order to take their proposal to Walmart .

If you want to read more more about this petition and add your signature click here and then feel free to share with your friends.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Military Veterans Discount Center. All opinions are my own and have not been influenced.



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1 Comment on How Many Walmarts Are Near Your Military Base?… Creates Walmart Petition for Military Discount

  1. For sure signed! We are overseas right now and I would be in heaven if they would open a Walmart here. When we were at our last Duty Station Robins AFB, they had 2 Walmarts just in Warner Robins alone. I would love to see military discounts in one of my favorite stores. Just one more reason to shop at Walmart. I hope enough people sign the petition.

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