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Navigating the gains and losses that are innate of military life requires tremendous sacrifice. I don’t take for granted the importance of spending quality time and creating lasting memories with my family. During my 20 years of service I missed Christmases and birthdays and first days of school while sitting in the deserts of Iraq. I almost missed the birth of my firstborn.  Now that I’m newly retired my only priority is to make up for lost time. 

We often hear little girls say their father is their hero. There are many things I look forward to doing with my two girls–like cutting a rug at the daddy-daughter dances, chaperoning their first dates, showing their boyfriends my rifle collection and walking them down the aisle on their wedding days. 

The bonding experience between father and son is equally important. My fragmented second-hand memories of my dad are mostly from close family and friends to help me understand who he was and in turn who I am.  I want to teach my son how to change a tire, how to shave, and how to use certain tools to fix things around the house. Now I want to teach my girls the same things as well. However, I think I’ll leave the shaving up to my wife. 

Learning to shave is a rite of passage to manhood. That’s why I love sharing my morning routine with my son. It wasn’t until I joined the Marine Corps and realized having the very best tools and the right shaving cream makes for a smooth transition. 


“My first experience with razor bumps was when I deployed to Iraq. I deployed seven times over 20 years, visiting roughly 50 countries. The dirt and sand and treacherous weather made for unfavorable conditions to maintain any skin regiment. Irritation was inevitable and caused me to hate shaving.  Until today I was a serial razor tester. Now my face is happy the experiment is over. “

The new Gillette® SkinGuard is the first razor specifically designed for men with sensitive skin and razor bumps.  I needed a razor that smooths my skin and stops the irritation. The SkinGuard razor does an exceptional job at both. It has an excellent feel, easy to control, and gives a good old-fashion shave.  

My skin isn’t completely clear yet. The damage is done. However, I have not had any new irritation or breakouts since using the Gillette® SkinGuard. My only critique is I wish I had this razor 20 years ago. Luckily these days I am home and I can hop right on over to Walmart to grab this razor and gel at any time.




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