For military families moving frequently is probably one of the biggest challenges we have to face and chances are something is always getting broken. Sometimes it’s covered and sometimes it’s not by the military and sometimes the hassle of going through all of Uncle Sam’s paperwork is more then a pain.


We know that in the military lifestyle electronic devices are pretty much the end all be all and it’s worse when one of those items gets destroyed. Take for instance the five month old desktop that worked perfectly before it was shipped from Hawaii to North Carolina and mysteriously had lines going through the screen when we finally received it with our household goods. Then there’s the time we finally gave in and purchased a flat screen and shortly after it got hit because my son decided to take a pretend a real golf ball in the family room. We still never figured out the full story but what we did know was the TV had a nice size whole on the left side of it. There was also the time my spouse and two of our friends were playing cards at the table. He had just purchased a new laptop which we were listening to music on. I wanted to put on another playlist so I haphazardly picked up the computer by the screen and before I knew it my thumb had went through it. It looked like white lava was dripping out. I freaked because the darn computer wasn’t even paid off yet.

I recently found out about “Protect Your Bubble” insurance and was thrilled to share it with you guys because it takes the hassle of having different insurances for your devices with a bunch of different companies. Instead for one pretty low monthly price you can protect ALL of your devices with one company. It doesn’t matter if your device isn’t 30 days old or how old it is. You get one call claims resolutions and next day replacement for cell phones or tablets. At the time I didn’t have replacement insurance for these devices and having a simple and affordable way of replacing and repairing them would have been more then helpful. You can even protect appliances.

Other perks and services that are part of Protect Your Bubble Include:

* Rental car insurance , travelers insurance and ID Theft protection which we know for fact is a huge problem many military personnel encounters.

There are many options available to us but cost and time is a big factor and it appears that low cost and saving are two of the big positives of using Protect Your Bubble. You can learn more about Protect Your Bubble insurance here.

Protect Your Bubble makes it easy to protect the things that matter most to you, with easy to use services, to personal care when you need it most. Visit to learn more and protect what matters most to you!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Protect Your Bubble. The opinions and text are all mine.



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