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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for Pioneer Military Loans. All opinions are my own and do not reflect those of Pioneer Military Loans.

When I was a kid I had a black button down Christmas Sweater that I remember like I still own it. It was red and had a brown reindeer on each side and a Santa in the front with little craft pom pom balls that hung off it. I hated that sweater and my mother thought it was just the cutest thing to make me wear at any holiday family festivity.

I wish I owned that sweater now (even though I wouldn’t be able to get one arm in it) because it could be worth money. No, I am not saying someone would want to buy it! However I am pretty sure I would be the winner of a contest for the ugliest holiday sweater.

Speaking of holiday sweaters and contests Pioneer Military Loans is doing just that. They are giving away (3) cash prizes for your ugliest holiday sweater.

Entrants will have the chance to win $500, $750 and a grand prize of $1,000. It’s the holidays and nothing would be better than to win some cash for something sooooo ugly!

How To Enter:

1. Visit: to begin entering the “Ugliest Holiday Sweater Contest”.

2. Upload your most ugliest, hideous, tackiest, holiday sweater ever.

3. Share your entry with all you friends and get the most votes.

4. Sweaters with most entries will win one of 3 cash prizes.

5. By the way this contest is open to everyone so you don’t have to just be military.

Please note that entering this contest works best on the desktop version of Facebook. It does not work on mobile or smartphone apps unfortunately.

Pioneer Services ugly sweater 2

If you have that ugly sweater in a box somewhere pull it out , snap a pic and CLICK HERE to upload and have your chance at winning !




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