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Ladies, let’s talk legs! Speaking from personal experience as a milspouse, I can say that whether they look and feel great is closely related to two things: the weather and the military! What do I mean?

When it’s warm out, I’m shaving to wear shorts, swimsuits, and cute dresses. When it’s winter — forget it! If my razor and I had a relationship, you could call it “estranged.” 

Most women fall into cycles of leg attention and leg neglect. But let’s factor in the unpredictable nature and stress of the military lifestyle. For example:

  • Military ball? Legs look and feel perfect under my gown!
  • PCSing? Did the movers lose my razor? Sure…that’s what I’ll tell everyone.
  • Interviewing for yet another new job? Who knew these pumps could look so good?
  • Deployment? HA! I don’t even have to say it, but NOPE.
  • Homecoming? Why yes honey — my legs are always this silky smooth! 

Get a Leg Up

So now, let’s talk about L’eggs by the HanesBrands Team. Depending on your age, you may not know that this beautiful line of stylish and practical hosiery used to come in plastic eggs. There’s your fun fact for the day!

L’eggs just unveiled a new line of products exclusively at Dollar General, a store that stands for convenience, quality brands and low prices. We love the L’eggs variety and price points that fit beautifully within our military budget. Oh, and another fun fact is Dollar General offers a military discount several times a year that can be used on L’eggs.

We are talking options that include silky or sheer, comfortable support, a variety of colors and sizes, and everything from control top, to knee highs, to trouser socks, to foot covers. 

Need some ideas on how and when you can incorporate their L’eggs onto your legs? (See what I did there?)

Foot covers preserve and keep fresh your favorite comfy flats.

  • Trouser socks are ideal under pants at the office (and dark ones will hide if you haven’t shaved in a minute… *cough cough*).
  • Knee highs can be paired with your favorite skirts and heels for a stylish look.
  • Control top stockings will keep you feeling secured and lifted. (A little extra support never hurts!)
  • Sheer styles can dress up your favorite dress, or mini skirt, and can help your summer dresses transition to cooler temperatures (especially if you’ve PCS’d to a new climate).
  • Be sure to play with shades and don’t always feel pressured to match your skin tone. For example, I typically wear Nude, but do love a good Black or Off Black, especially on date night.

When To Dress Your Legs Up, Milspouse:

  • Promotion ceremonies
  • Unit functions
  • Holiday parties
  • ETS ceremonies
  • Military balls
  • Date night
  • Weddings
  • Homecoming

To enjoy the extra comfort and confidence that L’eggs brings to your day, find their exclusive collection at the Dollar General nearest to your base. 



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