I will be doing quick Podcast sharing my knowledge and opinion on certain topics. Today I wanted to discuss an issue that I received in my inbox many time in regards to whether or not a spouse should be placed on allotment and not have access to banks accounts.



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5 Comments on Should Military Spouses Be on Allotments?

  1. I agree wholeheartedly with you. If someone’s spouse doesn’t trust her enough to give her full access to funds, especially during a deployment, then those two have bigger issues and probably should consider if marriage is right for them. Now, if the spouse has some disorder or abysmal spending habits, perhaps an allotment/allowance is a solution. If my husband tried to put me on an allowance, oh, he would be in a world of hurt. But that’s just us.

  2. My husband could not and would not ever put me on an allotment. I have actually seen the opposite that the wife has the main account and the husband is on an allotment because he was spending too much and not paying attention to the bank account. I have seen it too often where one spouse or another spends and spends and because they are not constantly looking at the account like the other spouse, gets the bank account into trouble. I think there are 2 real issues here. 1. trust. The husband putting th wife on the allotment doesn’t trust his wife and they need to go to counseling. 2. Control. When you are in a relationship there should not be one person who is in control over another person. Your relationship should be equal. And once again, the couple needs to go to counseling. I think my summary is that couple should both pay attention to the bank account and if one or the other party is having financial, trust, or control issues then they should seek help from an outside source. I have been in a marriage where finances were one of the reasons for divorce. If you are open and both involved in the finances then there is nothing to hide and nothing to fight over. You both take responsibility. As you can see, this issue hits close to home lol.

  3. Hi, I know this is a late comment, but I wanted to put one. My husband and I have seperate bank accounts. He gives me 500 every payday, and it works out great. I have access to his account if I want to look, sometimes I forget the password and what not, but he has no problem giving it to me again. This is an easier way to distribute money. I have a checking and savings(savings for whatever i may really want in future) he has 2 checking and one savings( one checking for bills to come out of, one for his personal use, and savings for our familyin emergencies). At first it aggervated m that he wouldn’t add me to the account, but now I am happy he won’t. I have a spending problem and if I see all that money, well it will be gone. Even though I have access to his accounts, transfers cannot be made over a cetain amount without the bank talking to him. Makes sense to me, especially with my spening problem. I think for some people this would work, but if the other spouse had n access to the account then your right they probably shouldn’t be married.

  4. I agree with Priscilla. I had always made no more than minimum wage.. I only ever had enough money to pay my bills, and no more. we finally got married just before he left for basic after being together for three years. we got a bank account together… and while he was gone i spent all of the money he made. i was money hungry. I am not even kidding. i had never had so much money in my life (not that it really was that much, as he went in as an E1, but where we were living, it was quite a bit more). i couldnt stop myself from buying everything i wanted and more.. now we have a budget, and bills come first and then we discuss the rest of the money. when he goes over seas, i will insist on an allotment. i know i cant handle it!

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