Last night as usual me and my normal crew of Twitter gals tuned in for the third of what many think is the last three episodes of the hit Lifetime series “Army Wives”.

I have to say that I found the 25 second preview of next week’s episode to be more exciting then last night’s whole hour long show, case in point why I think the show is coming to a screeching end.

“Army Wives” has always had a way of speeding up the time ,but last night things really seemed sped up and throw together. The writing while still good as far as drama seems a little lackluster as far as following up on events.

Top 8 Reasons Why I Think It is Ending:

1. Gloria left without any acknowledgement or notice. We knew she was on her way back to the Bronx last week but many viewers thought as in usual “Army Wives” fashion she would stay for the group to do a Kumbiya style gathering around Jackie to show support. There was no mention of Hector at all.

2. Last time I checked General Clarke was in a accident that left him in critical condition. Next thing we know the show begins with him being lowered off of a van in a wheelchair. When the hell did he awaken from critical condition? There was really no explanation of his injury or maybe it just wasn’t sufficient enough for me. I mean I love the fact that a soldier can go back to work in the military after an accident but damn would it really happen that fast? Hello this dude was paralyzed! Where’s the rehab , the psychologist , i mean isn’t there a process before you could even begin to go back to work? Then again this is TV!

I am shocked that they sped up this storyline considering it could made for some informative TV showing how a soldier deals with such a traumatic injury.

3. Moving on to Denise I have to ask myself…Self since when does one go from me being a Nurse to a Nurse Practitioner in one episode?

4. CJ is completely gone? I mean what in the hell kind of trip are you on with the First Lady that you are gone this long. Keep in mind there was a five month jump in the storyline so I have to ask myself what is really going on?

5. The dramatic-ness in every episode. Now to the writers of “Army Wives” don’t get me wrong , I love drama in every episode. That being said it’s making me think they are doing this to go out with a bang.

In addition to that I tweeted this last night…who agrees?

6. Where are Nicole and Charlie? We are 2 episodes until the season finale , shouldn’t they come into play at some point since they were slowly becoming part of the main storyline ? What happened to the wedding, the baby ?

7. When the hell did Roxy become so understanding? Trevor told her they were PCS’ing to Fort Lewis and she is like “Awesome! Sounds like an easy send off …nice way to end the series!

8. Lastly I have to move on to the previews and really only one thing stuck out at me which is : Are they really making Michael Holden cheat on CJ? I am all for the drama but really this is just one scenario that doesn’t fit.

I would have to say is that does occur then “Army Wives” has jumped the shark and it may be really time for it to go off the air.

What part of the show did you watch last night that made you believe the end is truly near?



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Krystel is the mom of two and an Army Wife. In addition to Army Wife 101 she is the Co-Founder of a digital media agency that connects brands with the military market. She has appeared on MSNBC ,FOX LA and formerly was a weekly contributor to HLN's "Raising America". She has written for various outlets including Sheknows and Lifetime and is a big fan of cupcakes and french fries.

26 Comments on Top 8 Reasons Why I Believe Army Wives Is Ending!

  1. I have stopped watching. The storylines have been totally stupid and there are things I don’t agree with in the show now. It’s just gone down hill all around. It makes me sad because the first two seasons got me through my husband’s deployments.

  2. The part of Roxy and Trevor PCSing to Fort Lewis. Seems pretty clear that they won’t be there in the future wich means the show is ending…. Also like you said, Gloria completely gone… I mean last episode they were talking getting divorced and what the process would be and this episode she’s already gone? CJ really? Like you said who is gone on a trip for 5 months? I hope they don’t make general Holden cheat on CJ… Maybe it’s just a “get together” with an old friend, still it seems odd… And I also would have expected more slowly to see Denise study and stuff to become a Nurse practitioner and see Jackie’s husband recover slowly, get psychological help and physical therapy or something…

    Some things just need to end when they are great before they keep going and just turn into this weird show noone cares about…

    Still loving the show though… TIna

  3. My thoughts were when Trevor and roxy pcsing and when the previews showed general holden with a new lady. I couldn’t believe that. I was shocked.

  4. Definitely the part where Roxy finds out they are pcs’ing. I watched the episode online so I didn’t get to see the preview for next week, I may have to find it.

  5. I have to agree with Ashley! I still watch, but the show has become absolutely ridiculous with all this crazy drama. I mean really, no one has this much crap happen to them in one lifetime! If it is ending for good, I don’t think I’ll be too upset about it. The show just isn’t what it used to be.

  6. Did I miss something? They announced not long after last season that this would be their final season. They have been talking about it on Army Wives (iphone app and fb page).

  7. I still am up in the air if this is the final season or not. Correct me if i’m wrong but does it seem that EVERYONES acting has been off this second half of this season? Also I miss CJ do you think her absense has something to do with her real life dependacy problem? I love Gloria and Hector If they were only going to be around for 1 season I wish they wouldnt have even introduced them. The woman with Holden HAD to be Roxy and my opinion is maybe it’s a farewell dinner that maybe Trevor couldn’t make? I don’t think Holden would cheat on CJ.

    • but after the show was over it said the next wk finale… that means the end… look how fast she had those baby’s…This yr has’nt beem the but if it was like last yr or the yr before.. I still will miss it very much and hope there not leaving!!!!!

  8. I have thought all of these things at least once in the last couple of episodes. I don’t care for how scatterbrained and dramatic each episode is lately. I also think you’re right that they are trying to close up each storyline so the show can end – which is why we are seeing a little bit of chaos and nothing seems to fit or be rounded up.

    Great analysis. I think your hunches are right on. :)

  9. I personally thought the show was just “eh” the first 2 seasons. After that it just became way too hokie and unrealistic. No one but no one has that much crap happen in their lives and the acting was way too over the top for me-(BAD)!!!! Also, too much milk and cookie drama hugs and support between women who would probably never give each other the time of day in the real world. Life’s tragedy’s do not smooth over so quickly as the writers would have the audience and tv fans perceive. Army wives certainly should have left the airwaves a long, long, long time ago. But, we can all be thankful that it is now! Yay!!!!! Maybe something else with more realism, pizzazz and charm will replace this pathetic show.

  10. Only answers I have:

    Cj isn’t present due to the upset a speech she made caused at the constitution center.

    Roxy would be happy to go from the east coast to Washington (the west) because of Pamela. She had just tried to move them to California, remember?

  11. I hope the show comes back! If not I enjoyed the show anyway. I have 2 sons in service and they let me know what might be real and what might not
    be real.( I have it figured out).
    I do know that a Lt colonel would ask a general about who he was out with. (or I think so),I told my wife I hope the general was talking to a realtor about
    a new home.

  12. Nobody here has even mentioned the biggest hint of them all. It’s not the story line that got me, but the fact that on the previews it says “Army Wives finale” not “season finale” like it always does.

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