As a military spouse with a husband currently on a second tour to Iraq, I am a strong advocate and committed to helping our returning service members seek help for issues that may arise due to the emotional toll being in a combat zone can take on one.

With that said I was honored to be contacted to help spread the word about “Vets Prevail” a six week ,program which service members can access from the privacy of their own home. The sessions are delivered via Instant Message chat sessions and interactive videos along with licensed professionals.

Vets Prevail is developed by Vets for Vets and current service members. Service members and vets can take full comfort in knowing this program was developed by people who have been exactly where they are. I was recently given the opportunity to take a look at the program and can say that it is easy to use and very well put together.

Please take a look at the Vets Prevail Viral Video below. If you have a spouse or a family member who you feel the Vets Prevail program could help , please send an email to

Army Wife 101 has been given 15 access codes to share before the official Veteran’s Day launch of Vet’s Prevail.

Your information shall and will remain confidential and once ,I issue you a code I will no longer have access to your information.

Visit Vets Prevail to learn more.



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