Many thanks to my blogger friend Desiree aka Mommy Reporter for sharing this tidbit of information.

I am a game show fanatic. I used to dream of the days when I would appear on Super Market Sweep and buy the most groceries. I also fondly remember playing the Wheel Fortune on my Nintendo that my mom would let me rent every weekend from Blockbuster.

Imagine my excitement to share that Wheel of Fortune is seeking Military Spouses to be contestants for Military Spouse Week on their show.

Unfortunately I’ve heard they have already come to the Fayetteville area so us Fort Bragg ladies may have missed our chance but either way you can still apply and audition at any point when they come back to our city.

For everyone else definitely apply as they will be coming to other cities soon.

Click here to apply.



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1 Comment on Wheel Of Fortune Seeking Military Spouses To Be Contestants

  1. Thank you!
    for your interest in being a contestant on Wheel of Fortune.
    We may not be able to contact everyone. Wheel of Fortune and its Producers reserve the right to determine, in their sole discretion, which registrants to contact in the general geographic area where the Wheelmobile is scheduled to appear. Wheel of Fortune is not responsible for incorrect or incomplete transcription of the registration information (regardless of cause).

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