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Image Courtesy of Fb Friend Lindsay C.



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13 Comments on Wordless Wednesday: The High Cost of Living in Paradise!

  1. Wow! Almost $7 for milk!!!! My friend there has always told me it was high to live there, but that’s ridiculous. I’d be buying powdered milk, lol. ;) Just curious, how much is it for gas there? Or do I not want to know….

  2. Gas prices right now are $3.45 for the NEX gas and about $3.60 out in town here in the Pearl harbor area. Not sure how much otherwise on the island. With gas prices this high it costs me way too much to fill my Armada to go see any other parts of the island! lol If you stick with the military shopping, the prices are slightly higher then they would be in say California military facilities. But places like Walmart and Target, you definitely see the markup. Target makes no qualms about putting the Hawaii price sticker right over the mainland price tag so that they don’t have to change tags. Its humorous at times really.

  3. Incredible! I think I should ask my husband to request his duty station that way… with those prices – I’d lose a lot of weight, apparently. LOL =)

  4. I know they have to transport things to here, but on Fort Bragg we paid about $1.89 for avocados and here the same size and variety are $3 each. Avocados grow here. Pineapple is the same way. It’s way higher here than our last duty station.

  5. There are two things that make me really sad: going to the grocery store and getting gas. I thank God for my job but man, things are getting more and more expensive. And my kids are growing which means they are eating much more food.

  6. When we were stationed on Okinawa the prices were that way too … very high. But thats what the COLA and OHA were for.

    Is the milk ultra ultra pasturized? It was in Japan… lasted about 2 months. And the taste! Ugh… it was def. something you had to get use to.

  7. The milk is not ultra ultra, just regular. It tastes fine, but the bread goes moldy so so so fast and the chicken goes bad in 2 days!

  8. Isn’t the NEX cheaper? Try ordering food/groceries through online like or, it costs $9.99 to ship to Hawaii regardless of how large the order is. During sometime in Oct. they also send a 10% off coupon in your e-mail and it covers the cost of shipping on large orders.

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