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This blog post is one of those random things I am sitting here thinking while watching “Disorder in the Court” ( you should watch it) which makes no sense since they have nothing to do with each other.

In any event I was thinking it would be great if when I move to a new military base they don’t ask on my children’s school forms for an emergency contact. Now of course I know they need to ask it but it almost hurts my feelings because when you just arrive somewhere you don’t necessarily have friends right away. Luckily when I PCS’ed to Hawaii I knew someone I could use, but I remember having several spouses contact me in sheer desperation asking could they use my name as an emergency contact because they did not know anyone else. Honestly I don’t really have a solution to other then maybe to list your spouse’s unit phone number or list a parent. My biggest issue with that was that I was in Hawaii and my mom was thousands of miles away, what was she really going to do in a emergency all the way from New York?

So I ask readers what do you put on your emergency contact form when you are new to a base and enrolling your child in school?

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4 Comments on What Do They Always Ask for an Emergency Contact?

  1. I think putting your husband unit or his 1SG or Co Commander is a great idea. All the 1SG’s and Commanders I’ve met in my husband’s unit wouldn’t have even batted an eye if they were called as an emergency contact.
    Or maybe this is something that the units need to task to the FRG — having someone who is available as an emergency contact. Luckily, in Hawaii, we have friends who live close and are willing to be our emergency contacts (one of them is literally on the next street down from my daughters school), but I imagine it would be difficult if I were on a new post where I knew no one. So frustrating!

    • Great idea on using the FRG, Kimberly! I think I’ll bring it up to my co-leader and company commander, especially since the school year is about to start!

  2. I asked them before what I was supposed to do snce I didnt know anyone and they wanted 3 local emergency contacts. I said am I supposed to go to the px and ask random ppl that walk in if they want to be my emergency contact? They kinda looked at me if I was crazy, but I said that this is really what it sounds like since I didnt know anybody… I ended up using 3 guys that worked with my hubby that have kids

  3. It is hard, lucky for me I can always count on someone from our church. I also have listed my Mom even though she is out of town she can make decisons over the phone for me if needed.

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