The military life is challenging for everyone. Even adults sometimes don’t know how to process the temporary absence of a loved one. Now imagine how a young child must feel watching mom or dad have to leave.

With the holidays around the corner we asked some military spouses for recommendations of kids books that would be great to put under the tree and can be ordered from Amazon.

When Daddy’s Gone

This book is actually written by a military spouse. It is about a child who reflects back on their memories with their currently deployed dad. They use their memories to give them something to look forward to upon dad’s return.

Countdown Until Daddy Comes Home

“Countdown ’til Daddy Comes Home is the story of a young boy waiting for his daddy to come home from a trip. To make their separation easier, his family creates rituals to stay connected and make the countdown fly by. A perfect book for military kids who have a parent deployed or kids who have a parent that is a frequent business traveler. After reading this warmly illustrated story you will find ideas on various ways to countdown ’til your daddy comes home and discussion questions to set expectations and alleviate any fears your child may have because of their parent’s deployment or trip”.

Mommy’s Leaving

It was great to see a book that focuses on the mom leaving instead of the dad. “This book is aimed a children from the ages of 3-8 and is written in poem form about a mother deploying. This book is highly recommended to be read in military households with young children. It is a short story with pictures children will understand and relate too. I hope you enjoy reading it to your children as much as I do reading it to mine”.

Daddy’s Deployment

Another great kids book written by a milspouse who shares via a kids perspective how their family dealt with the deployment of their loved one. One of her children also suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome and so we see how he processes his emotions as well. This is a Christian children’s book.



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