It’s a truth of military life — at some point, you and your spouse will spend some time apart. Although it may not be what you envisioned when you planned your lives together, it falls under the “for better or for worse” category.

When you feel at your worst, it’s time to make some changes for the better. With the right goals, mindset and support network, you can make it through a deployment — and come out on top!


  1. Savor your alone time. Going solo or raising children without your spouse isn’t easy. But there is something wonderful about sprawling out across the bed, watching whatever you want on TV, reading that best-selling novel, or eating your ice cream directly from the carton. This minor perspective shift can make a huge difference — enjoy it!

  2. Transform your body. What better motivation to take charge of your nutrition and fitness than during a period of separation? You won’t see him for a while, so use this time to become the best version of you. Imagine how incredible you’ll feel and just picture the look on his face at homecoming!

  3. Do girly things. Draw strength from others and make plans with girlfriends. Shop, see a movie, have a wine night or go for a coffee. It’s easy to neglect these friendships when always with your spouse. Now is the perfect time to connect with your best gal pals.

  4. Enjoy family time. Visit your family or have them come to you. Chances are your mom will cook your favorite meal and provide you moral support, no matter your age. Family will bring a familiar and loving distraction when you get lonely.

  5. Travel. If your spouse’s work schedule has prevented you from making a road trip or hopping a plane, today is the day! Whether you go solo, with your children, or with friends, having adventures will be exciting and will give you something to share in the next video chat with your spouse.

  6. Get your education. A deployment is a great time to focus on yourself, your goals and your future. Do something that makes you feel more confident, accomplished, and relevant to the working world. A certificate or degree from Martinsburg College is an excellent choice to help you achieve those goals.


Why Milspouses Love Martinsburg College

Martinsburg College has proudly served the military community for over 10 years. Their programs for active duty military, spouses, and veterans are tailored to the unique challenges faced by students in the military family.


Martinsburg offers online degrees and certificates, plus a military spouse private Facebook group to provide support and answer your questions. Also, they facilitate your distance learning by providing direct telephone or digital tutoring sessions for one-on-one contact.


Survey results have shown that 95% of students are pleased with Martinsburg College. If you’re curious about what they’re saying, check out these student testimonials and success stories.


All programs are accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC), and recognized nationally by the US Department of Education.


To learn more about Martinsburg College, please click here.


This is a sponsored post on behalf of Martinsburg College. All opinions are my own.




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