The commissary is one of the best perks (after free healthcare) of military life. It is the meeting place of the military community and there tends to be a lot of conversation surrounding it when it comes to the people, the prices and the products sold there.

In true Buzzfeed style here are 10 things that may have happened to you while shopping at the commissary before, or may have ran through your mind.

1. Did I just put enough groceries in my cart to feed the whole damn free world and forget my military ID ?

2. When an elderly Vet or his wife gets annoyed and snaps at you because you are in their way.

3. When you wind up in the same aisle with the neighbor that you don’t like or speak to.

4. Weren’t these Poptarts on sale last week …Wasn’t that ground turkey $2 less? Oh I see it’s payday!

5. Haaaa it’s early I am going to beat the payday crowd…Damn everyone had the same idea.

6. When you see the spouse with the binder full of coupons ahead of you in line.

7. When you realize the people standing in the back of the store are in line to check out.

8. When you forget to request cash for the bagger’s tip , they’ve already bagged your groceries , and you don’t have any cash on you. Now you feel obligated to explain why you haven’t tipped them.

9. The bagger’s face when they they realize they aren’t going to get a tip.

10. When the sweet bagger doesn’t really speak great English and wants to hold a conversation and you just nod your head as if you really understand. *Sidenote* I love the older lady baggers but a lot of times I don’t have a clue what they are saying to me!

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