I’ve been a huge fan of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition for years and of course I just love the bullhorn carrying Ty Pennington. I recently had a chance to view the season premiere in advance , which I was thrilled about because I had already knew that it was going to take place right here in my home of Fayetteville NC a.k.a Fort Bragg.

I always love watching a show and being able to point out landmarks that I am familiar with, but this episode drew me in for many more deeper reasons then that. This Sunday’s season premiere,  the First Lady will make a special appearance and she and the show are highlighting a former member of the Navy member and Army Wife member, Barbara Marshall who is fighting to end homelessness among her fellow female veterans.

My husband and I attempted to take a drive downtown to see if we could somehow join in but their were so many volunteers and supporters that it was impossible to get in . As I watched the premiere I truly got such a sense of pride as I thought about several military spouses who I had heard were there to help our fellow veterans and all the selfless service members and civilian members of the community who in addition to the builders and the show went out of their way to make this beautiful center so that homeless female veterans can get back on their feet.

One of the highlights of the show is seeing Michelle Obama in a different light and not just as a first lady. Her message of continuing to support our military even after their duty is completed resonates with me. It is so important as spouses to continue to let our veterans know that they are appreciated.

Get your tissues because it’s truly an episode worth watching with such a great cause and message behind it.

Take a sneak peak of this Sunday’s (9/25) episode which premieres on ABC. *Check your local listings for the time*




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