When my family and I were stationed in Hawaii we were hooked on shopping at Sam’s in addition to the commissary. I loved shopping there so I could by the staple foods my kids ate constantly in bulk and hubby loved shopping there for electronics and all his little gadgets and gizmos.

Speaking of electronics:

Sam’s Club has the perfect gift ideas to help those special dads in the service stay connected with their families.

This year, Sam’s Club helps families keep in touch with a wide selection of smart phones, tablets and laptops.





The new iPad – prices vary




Smart Phones (available in club only)

HTC One X – $98.88

Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G – $48.88

DROID 3 by Motorola – $0.96

Apple iPhone 4 – $48


Free Tech Support

Sam’s Club members can get free tech support on any electronics item even if they did not purchase the item at a Sam’s Club location. Sam’s Club electronic specialists are available to speak with members 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – even on Father’s Day or Christmas! Visit SamsClub.com/electronics to learn more.


To celebrate Father’s Day and Military Dad’s Sam’s Club is allowing Army Wife 101 to give away a Samsung Galaxy Tab with Wi-Fi (a $249.98 value)

This giveaway is very simple.

Simply Hit the “LIKE” button above and leave a comment below telling me why your husband is a good dad or will be a good dad.

Winner will be chosen via Random.org

This will be a late Father’s Day Surprise gift as this giveaway ends June 18, 2012 at 11:59EST

Winner will be contacted via email

Good Luck!

Disclosure: I received a Sam’s Club Gift card to facilitate this review  as well as a Samsung Galaxy to giveaway. No other forms of compensation were received and all opinions are true and my own.



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Krystel is the mom of two and an Army Wife. In addition to Army Wife 101 she is the Co-Founder of SoFluential.com a digital media agency that connects brands with the military market. She has appeared on MSNBC ,FOX LA and formerly was a weekly contributor to HLN's "Raising America". She has written for various outlets including Sheknows and Lifetime and is a big fan of cupcakes and french fries.

384 Comments on *CLOSED* A Father’s Day Salute and Giveaway to Military Dad from Sam’s Club

  1. 4 deployments in 6 years but he still makes time everyday to write us a quick not telling how much he loves and misses us . He makes sure to not only to remeber mother;s day but to send flowers from the middle of the ocean . 15 years of marriage . 2 kids , 2 furry kids and no matter where he is or what he is doing his family comes first . Any man can be a father but it takes a real man to be a daddy :)

  2. Hubby always always makes time to kids. This is the most important thing making him a GREAT dad.

  3. My husband is a good dad, because even though he has no children of his own he has taken on the financial, emotional, and other responsibilities of my two children and never once has complained. This has included buying a new transmission for my teenage son along with all the day to day financial obligations. He is an awesome provider, who is kind and supportive.

  4. He joined the Army when our daughter was 4 months old, came back after BCT & AIT when she was 13 months old & deployed for a year when she was 19 months old. He missed out on so much of her 1st 2 years of life & never takes his time with her for granted. She wants him to dress up as a princess & play tea party? He does it. I am now 34 weeks pregnant with our son & he chose to reclass instead of re-enlist because it will better his career & therefore better our family. He is choosing again to miss out on 5 months of our son’s life to ensure we move forward in life. He sacrifices more than I would like him to, but he does it out of love & desire to be better & have better. Whether we win or not, he is still the best dad around & I could. It have asked God for a better father, partner, lover & best friend. He simply amazes me. :)

  5. My husband is honestly the best father i could have ever asked for my two girls. He is a field med corpsman, aka a doc for the marines. He is missing fathers day again because this year he is in bridgeport preparing for deployment . he is doing mountain warfare training and saving lives even in bridgeport during training exercises, making sure no guys suffer from swelling in the brain during exercises etc. even though he so far away he still make every attempt to contact home! 2 minute phone call to tell his girls he loves them and misses them. he is getting ready to leave to afghanistan next year and will miss father’s day yet again …. But in our hearts we know how blessed we are to have him in our lives and my daughters have a true hero for a dad !

  6. First I would like to salute to my Husband because being a GREAT one is hard to do! He is a out of this world a great father, he has done so much and achieve so much it is amazing. Just knowing what he has been threw (losing his father) N still making time to be there for our son – is a blessing in it self. He has strive for excellence when it comes to raising a young man. I love the fact that no matter what after a long day at work, he still makes time to help around the house, make dinner, give our son some father son time, and able take that last bit of energy for me. There are so many lil things I can tell you, but I’ll tell you one thing, to know our son wants to grow up n be like his dad is a wonderful feeling because I know at that moment we are doing something great within raising our son. Being a GREAT/AWESOME/WONDERFUL/EXCELLENT father a hard thing to do, but when you have the right man by your side who wants to make you son a better man that in its self is a blessing.

  7. My husband is a good dad, no scratch that, he is a GREAT dad because his actions proof it. He comes from a not so fortunate upbringing and I must admit I was nervous about us having kids just because sometimes people tend to parent like their own parents (without realizing it). He doesn’t know his father is and his mother left him to be raised by his grandmother. So anyway that was not the case with him. We had trouble conceiving our first child and he was really helpful, supportive and compassionate even when I wanted to give up. When our son arrived after an emergency c-section (which I had to be sleep for) my husband had developed a forever bond with our son. Once I woke up the nurses had told me our son was not breathing when he can out and they were about to call him (gone) but my husband came over and held his hand and told him it was okay and daddy was here. They say he just started coughing and crying. My husband and our son have such a tight bond (sometimes I get jealous), I love watching the 2 of them play and laugh together. We later had a daughter and I now understand even more just how special children can be to parents. Of course he has missed things big and small because of his Army career but our children and I stand by him firmly in his decision to make a career of this. He is a Great dad because no matter what he has been there via in person, phone, Skype or letters whenever humanly possible and we wouldn’t trade him for anything. He takes the kids to work with him when I have class and flakey babysitters cancel on me at the last minute. He can’t cook worth nothing (lol) but that doesn’t stop him from trying (the kids love that, because it usually results in McDonalds). I love the way he puts our kids to bed. He tickles them until they are exhausted, this sometimes takes awhile for my daughter because she enjoys this time with him. I enjoy watching. We love him as much as he loves us. I could go on and on about what has made him a great dad for the last 9 years. Simple put he just the best and we couldn’t ask for more. I thank God for him everyday.

    For listening

  8. My husband is an awesome “rookie” dad! Our baby girl is sick, and he has taken on the disgusting task of “snot-sucker.” I’m so glad! Baby girl adores her daddy.

  9. I don’t have a husband, so this question doesn’t apply to me :( However, please enter me in this contest. Thanks!

  10. I think my hubby would LOVE it because his laptop is old and doesn’t work very well. He could search the internet with this awesome tablet! Great giveaway!

  11. My husband will be an EXCELLENT father one day. I know this because of the way he is with our 3 four-legged children we already have. He is so sweet, kind and gentle with them. And when I see him holding one of our friends’ sweet babies, you can just tell that he will make a wonderful father. I cannot wait to start a family of two-legged children with him in the near future.

  12. My husband is a great dad because of all the work he has done on the Submarine he still finds time to come home, give me attention and play with our daughter for hours on end. Our daughter is definitely a “Daddy’s Girl” because he spends so much time with her even when time is scarce because of the demands of a Submariner’s life. He does all the work so me and my daughter are taken care of.

  13. My husband is the best dad because when we married he had 4 children and I had 4 children and he became the perfect father for my children. Treated each of them as they were his own! Three years later we had our only child together which brought the count up to 9! He loves each and every one of them equally!! He is the BEST!!

  14. Hubs and I are expecting our first within the next two weeks. The way he is around our nieces and nephews proves how great of a father he is going to be! I am beyond excited to see him with our little girl!

  15. My husband is a Awesome Father who goes above and beyond for his children. We have one daughter & two sons, only one son being biologically his but he treats them both equally and has taken care of my oldest son and been a Active father to him since he was one.Our daughter has special needs and he makes sure he is at every single last one of her therapy visits and doctor’s appointments. When the Army says No, he still finds a way to make sure he fufills every obligation as a father. My husband is not only a financial provider but he is a involved father who enjoys being around his children, playing with them, bathing and putting them to sleep at night. He will even try to do our daughter’s hair. He is definitely a family guy and always puts me and the children first. He would go without just so we can have…… The True Definition of a Father

  16. I tried to comment on the link, but my cursor jumped and closed the comment box.
    I met my husband 19 years ago and he immediately took on the role as Dad to my then 7 year old son. He has spent the last 19 years being Dad to him and to our child that we have together. He makes it a point to let us all know how much he loves us every day and always does what he can to keep smiles on our faces.
    He is the best man that I know next to my own Dad and I am very blessed to have him on my life!!!

  17. My husband is a selfless father of two, husband, and soldier. He has spent over 43 months deployed to Afghanistan, Iraq, and Kuwait, but you’ll never hear a complaint out of him. I can’t say enough good things about the love of my life.

  18. My husband will be the best dad! He has wanted to be a dad ever since we were dating. We have been trying to conceive a family but haven’t had any luck yet. He still has hope that one day we will be given a beautiful gift!

  19. I thik my husbad is a great dad because he is always there for our family o matter what. He shows my boys what kid of people they should grow up to be ad will show my daughter what kid of ma she should look for. Whe my daughter was 6 weeks old she was admitted to the hospital ad was foud to have IS which is a form of epilepsy ad he did everythig i his power to come home from overseas to be with us to hold our family together. He is our rock ad I love him more the words could ever express ♥

  20. My husband is the best father because no matter how easy a task is he is all ways turning it in to a way to learn. We have two 8 year old little girls and he wants them to get through life using there brains not just there looks. Gifts, toys even family time is a way of learning new facts and history I even learn some new things my self. The way my girls face light up when they look at him after he asks them questions and they know the answers makes me proud of them and proud of him for trying so hard at bettering all of our lifes.

  21. My husband is an awesome dad. He treats our little girls like princesses and leads by example for our son. He says we r what keeps him going while he’s away…best daddy I could’ve ever hoped for!

  22. My husband is a great dad to our 3 month old daughter because he takes care of her just as much as I do and allows me to have the weekends to do me things so that he can spend alone time with her. His love for her truly shows through the way that she looks at him so lovingly and happy. She smiles just from seeing his face and he runs to her as soon as he walks in the door from work. He has no problem changing her diapers, bathing her or anything. He is the best father to her that I could ever ask for and I am so greatful to have such a great husband and father for my daughter.

  23. The reason my husband is the best dad ever…. because he got home from deployment June 7, and hasn’t spent a waking hour yet without holding one of his girls’ hands! He has two beautiful daughets 1 and 4 who’ve missed him more than words can say. When our 1 year old saw him she lunged for him! She recognized him because he always made time for us on skype… as a matter of fact she said dada before mama…. it hurts a little, but it’s all replaced with the sheer joy of knowing with him as a dad, she will never have to go looking for a mans love in someone else’s arms!

  24. My husband is a great dad! He lost his 3 weeks after I had our daughter. He would stay up late, wake up in the middle of the nights to help with her due to me having to have a c-section and had lots of complications so due to the late hours he would be up he got to many write ups and list his job. He found little dead end jobs but nothing paid enough to take care of all our bills. We ended up moving in with my parents and when he couldn’t find a decent job he decided the best thing for our family was to join the army. He hated leaving our daughter just as she was learning to do all the fun things but did it any way, while he was at basic he would write both of us everyday, he even made sure to send hers in her own little envelope. He said this was to show her once she got older that he thought about her every second he was away from her. Now he’s at AIT and we go see him on the weekends and every weekend when I ask what he wants to do its always something for her ex: water park, park, zoo. He does all he can to provide for her and I’m very lucky to have such an amazing father for my child!! Tomorrow is our 2nd anniversary and some how he still melts my heart more with each day just by being the wonderful dad he is!!

  25. i think my husband is the best father because he stepped in when my daughter was 7 months old (now 4 1/2 years old) and said he was willing to step up as her dad. he joined the army just to take care of us. he didn’t want me working 2 jobs anymore. he’s made me a better person and i couldn’t ask for a better person to be the daddy to our daughter. he puts her before anything and anyone. if she asks for anything she gets it regardless of how he’s going to get it she gets it. he is the hardest working dad and I am very proud to be his wife and to have his last name.

  26. My husband is a great father because he always puts his family’s needs and wants before his. He always show us he loves us in any way possible and always makes sure his family is well taken care of. We may not be the richest people in this world but we are rich in love and happiness in our family.

  27. I think my husband Eric is the best father because of how much he loves his children, and actually loves spending time with them. He has 2 tween age kids, and has a really funky custody arrangement, but he makes sure that each and every time he is with the children they know how much he loves them and how much he cares for them. I joined their family just under a year ago, and I am so excited to spend time with these children as a family. I love watching my husband interact with them, and can’t wait for us to have more children so I can see him with them at a young age. He has such joy with kids!

  28. My husband is a great dad. He and my son have their own language that I am not privy too. I love seeing them play together no matter how tired he is after work he still gets on the floor and crawls around with his baby boy. :)

  29. My husband is a great dad because he spends time with my kids whenever he is able, and he is so patient with them. Most of the time his patience exceeds mine.

  30. My husband is a great dad because he makes an effort to spend time with each of our five children, despite his demanding job. He does Boy Scouts with our autistic 13 year old, Cub Scouts with our 8 year old, helps our softball playing 11 year old daughter with her batting and pitching, builds Legos with our 4 year old son, and listens to our older son talk about school and his computer interests. He helps the children with school projects. He comes to every school, sporting, or scouting event that he is able to attend. He encourages our children to follow their interests and to try new things. He is the type of dad who gets down on the floor and plays with the kids. Watching him with our children makes me love him even more.

  31. My husband makes a wonderful father because he takes time out of his busy schedule to spend time with my kids each day. He will get down on the floor and play with them, set up and play board games with them, and go swimming with them. He also takes time with each child to educate them on politics, economics, faith, and life. He also plays “The Dad Game” where he has four categories and quizzes the kids about math, spelling, social studies, etc and gives points for right answers. He is a wonderful dad and I am so happy to have him as the father of my four children.

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