When my family and I were stationed in Hawaii we were hooked on shopping at Sam’s in addition to the commissary. I loved shopping there so I could by the staple foods my kids ate constantly in bulk and hubby loved shopping there for electronics and all his little gadgets and gizmos.

Speaking of electronics:

Sam’s Club has the perfect gift ideas to help those special dads in the service stay connected with their families.

This year, Sam’s Club helps families keep in touch with a wide selection of smart phones, tablets and laptops.





The new iPad – prices vary




Smart Phones (available in club only)

HTC One X – $98.88

Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G – $48.88

DROID 3 by Motorola – $0.96

Apple iPhone 4 – $48


Free Tech Support

Sam’s Club members can get free tech support on any electronics item even if they did not purchase the item at a Sam’s Club location. Sam’s Club electronic specialists are available to speak with members 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – even on Father’s Day or Christmas! Visit SamsClub.com/electronics to learn more.


To celebrate Father’s Day and Military Dad’s Sam’s Club is allowing Army Wife 101 to give away a Samsung Galaxy Tab with Wi-Fi (a $249.98 value)

This giveaway is very simple.

Simply Hit the “LIKE” button above and leave a comment below telling me why your husband is a good dad or will be a good dad.

Winner will be chosen via Random.org

This will be a late Father’s Day Surprise gift as this giveaway ends June 18, 2012 at 11:59EST

Winner will be contacted via email

Good Luck!

Disclosure: I received a Sam’s Club Gift card to facilitate this review  as well as a Samsung Galaxy to giveaway. No other forms of compensation were received and all opinions are true and my own.



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Krystel is the mom of two and an Army Wife. In addition to Army Wife 101 she is the Co-Founder of SoFluential.com a digital media agency that connects brands with the military market. She has appeared on MSNBC ,FOX LA and formerly was a weekly contributor to HLN's "Raising America". She has written for various outlets including Sheknows and Lifetime and is a big fan of cupcakes and french fries.

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  1. my husband is such a wonderful dad. he was a young 30 yr never been a parent man when i met him. he hasa stepped up and taken care of my 3 boys like they were his own from day one. we now also have a daughter of our own he is an amazingly great dad for all of our kids. always going out of his way to make sure they are all taken care of and have more blessing than one can imagine.

  2. My husband is a Nuke on an aircraft carrier and even though he works long hours and is away a lot, he still takes time out for our son. He gets up at night and feeds him, rocks him to sleep even though he has to be up early to go to work. He is so patient and gentle with our baby. I could not ask for a better husband or father! <3

  3. My husband is an amazing dad. Although he is deployed, he is certainly not absent! There are 8.5 hours separating our days but he finds them time to always call when he can. It’s usually short but if there is a day that one of our kids wants to talk, he will sit there until midnight knowing he has to get up the next day at 5. He wakes me up in the middle of the night to tell me I’m an amazing wife and mother and incredibly strong for keeping our family of five together, even though we’re short one. I wish I could trade places to let him watch his kids grow. Our son always tells his daddy that he wants to be a strong soldier just like him. My husband tells him there’s no way he can cause he’s already way tougher than daddy through this whole deployment. I may be partial just like everybody else, but my husband is an amazing dad AND soldier. I love you babe : )

  4. My husband is going to be a wonderful father. He took care of all 4 of his younger sisters growing up. He was the oldest out of 6 and work several jobs to make ends meet for the family. He was denied the dream of going to college because he had to work so much to provide for his younger sisters. When the economy went down the drain he decided to join the Army because his employers were cutting hours, and he could not find employment anywhere else. I am so proud of him for making the sacrifices he has made to provide for his family. We might have one on the way, I will find out for sure on the 28th. :)

  5. My husband wants to be a dad so badly! He never had his dad around and was a great big brother. He is a great leader at work and takes care of his soldiers like they’re our kids, so I can only imagine what a great dad he’ll be to any real kids we have.

  6. My husband is an amazing dad because everyday, even when deployed, he does his best to make time for each one of our kids, individually. When he is deployed he would wake up in the middle of the night just to Skype with them on a special day. He is an amazing man who adores his children and they adore him too, and no deployment and time away from our family could ever change that.

  7. My husband is a amazing dad because he always puts them first. My husband went through emt training so he knew how to care for our children better when they were ill or hurt.

  8. We don’t have any kids yet. I had an ectopic pregnancy and my husband is an attentive and amazingly supportive man. He can be so patient and sweet even though he’s a “tough” guy. He loves his soldiers like they are his family, sitting with them in the hospital when wives or kids are sick, providing gas money until payday, or any other type of support if needed. He is the middle child of ten and the bond they have is something to be jealous of. I know he’ll be a great dad someday. He’s a great person now.

  9. My husband is an amazing Dad. We have 6 children ages 3-16. He has just as much energy for the three year old as he had for the 16 year old. He makes sure that everyone is included and that all of the kids get their own “special time”. He works hard around the house, and make sure to get lots of video chat time when he is deployed. All of the neighbor kids call him “Fun Dad”. Some of them have even gone home and told their parents that they want him as their Dad.

  10. My husband is an amazing dad because treats my two oldest children as if they were his own, even when their actual father is absent from their lives, my husband is always there, and loving and supportive. Of course he’s always wonderful with our daughter too!

  11. Hes such an amazing dad, words cant describe how happy i am of having his children. We were both very young when we had our daughter, and he wasnt sure he would be able to go to college and support us so he decided to join the army and give us a good live while he also better him self. My daughter is his #1 priority NOTHING comes before her, and even though he loves pampering her he makes sure he doesnt spoile her rotten. He loves his baby girl and is so VERY excited to be having another princess in august =)

  12. My husband is a good father because he always makes sure to celebrate the big things in life. The first week of June was our son Drake’s 14th birthday and he graduated the 8th grade. My husband was unable to be at either due to a field problem. He took our son out ahead of time to celebrate his birthday and when he returned to say congratulations for the awards Drake received at the graduation.

  13. He is a great dad and a great man who have served this country for 15 years. You got to love a man like that.

  14. My husband is EOD and gone a lot and has missed so many things in our four kids lives. When we got married he adopted my two year old son.We have two kids with special needs and he is so patient with them and helps with doctor appointments. He is an amazing dad!! If he’s gone on a mission or deployed he always trys to call or skype the kids. When he is home he spends quality time with the kids, like doing homework or teaching them how to cook.

  15. My husband is the best dad because when we had our 1st son we were both young he grew up to provide for his family and joined the Army he is always leaving on boat missions but always does something special for our 3 kids when he comes back. Although he works long hrs he never stops being a dad cuz he is tired. I couldn’t have it any other way he is always worrying about us and is always thinking about the kids. I’m very blessed to be his wife and have kids by him he is truly an amazing person inside and out and is a very loving husband who helps around the house when not even told lol. He is away from our family right now until July so my kids have been making fathers day presents out the ying yang lol

  16. I would like to say what a great and wonderful Dad my husband is! he has always been there to help with the kids including changing diapers and getting up at night with the kids as babies. he said he didn’t want to miss anything with them. JUly will be his 5 th deployment. He is the rock of our family. Everyone that meets or knows him always says what an amazing guy he is, they see all the great and amazing things he does as a father and a husband. he will do anything for anyone. I just wanted to honor him regardless if he wins or not. I love you Babe and We will miss you!

  17. My husband is a great father because immediately following his tour in Afghanistan, he came home, married me & didn’t just take on 2 children that weren’t his biologically, but he adopted them and has loved them and raised them as his own if not more. During our 5 yrs of marriage, we’ve since had another baby, dealt with him having severe PTSD, a TBI, among other deployment related issues all while I was battling cancer and he was spending 2 weeks a month out in the field working, but still managed to be our rock and keep me strong and keep my chin up & help me raise smart, confident girls. Though they’re still young, without him being who he is & helping & doing what he’s done especially while I was sick, my kids wouldn’t be so, I’m struggling for the words because they were already wonderf… They wouldn’t be so strong and confident & happy within themselves. He has helped me build truly happy children, during the hardest times in both of our lives.

  18. My husband is an awesome dad because he works like 14 hour days to provide for our family, so I can be a stay at home mom to our twins. On the weekends he does everything possible to spend time with him for example riding the John Deere with the kids, because he knows they love riding with him. He shares his ice cream with them even though that’s his favorite. He will do everything he can to make them smile. Sometimes if they are fussy he will talk to them and rub their little heads to make them calm down. He is an awesome dad!!!! On top of that he is a soldier and serving his country with pride, what more could I ask for?

  19. My husband is great dad because he works hard to provide for his kids so that they can have a better life than he has. Not only sacrificing time in service but sacrificing his own life for their freedom. He works hard around the house making sure they have a great home to live in. In our first home we had a living room floor with broken joists. Days before our son (first born) was born he tore out the entire floor, repaired the joists and replaced the floor and added vinyl wood flooring. Just him, with no help, so that our could have a better and safer home to come home to from the hospital. He’s an amazing father who strives to do everything possible and always completes his projects and goals keeping our kids in mind.

  20. My husband is the most sensitive and caring man I know. Not only would he take our children into his heart and provide everything he possibly could he would have fun with them. He himself is a child at heart, we recently just had a water balloon fight. I have more fun with him than anyone and know our children would have a blast with him and learn so much from all the things he has to offer.

  21. Even tho my husband deployed two weeks after our son was born, he proved that he would be a great father! He calls and sends videos of himself as often as he can so our son will know who is daddy is when he comes back home. His job requires him to deploy yearly, but is determined to Be the best father possible to him. This would be a great oppurtunity for us so he can take videos and pictures with him on his multiple deployments throughout the years to come.

  22. My husband and I married 14 years ago and he helped me finish raising my two boys. Now I have acquired one of my sons child when she was barely a year old and he is completely supporting her. He allows me to stay home in order to care for her, he plays with her and has givin up the freedom we once knew when my boys had left home. All for children that are not even his blood but you would never know that because my grand daughter and her pawpaw are a pair to see.

  23. My husband a great father because he is always there for his son. Always takes time to teach him new thing, so that can spend as mush time together as they can.

  24. I couldn’t imagine a better father for our son than my husband. He works hard so I can stay home and raise our two month old. He took two weeks off to help with the baby, since I had a c-section. Everyday when he comes home from work, he takes over so I can have a break. He makes sure we have everything we need all the time and he always puts us first.

  25. my husband is my hero and only joined the army to provide for our newly started family.that was four years ago he always does for others and not for himself.

  26. My husband and I have struggled with infertility for 5 years having had 3 miscarriages and countless failed attempts and disappointments. My last miscarriage happened when he was deployed to Iraq and it devestated both of us to not only have lost our child but having to endure being separated during such a horrible time. My husband has stood by me and supported me through every moment of this journey. He has given up positions that would further his career and requested duty stations that would put us near the specialists that would be able to help us.
    Finally, this year he will be celebrating his first fathers day as a “father to be”. I am pregnant with a perfectly normal and strong baby that we conceived through In Vitro Fertilization. My husband has never missed a doctors appointment even though they are 3 hours from home. He administers my shots that are necessary to sustain the pregnancy with such care and love. He has a pregnancy app on his phone, a pregnancy calendar on his desk and he scans every ultrasound picture onto his computer so he can look at our little miracle as much as he wants…even the earliest pictures where you can barely make out a dot in the center that is our baby. I know that my husband is going to be an amazing father because he already is he has not even met our baby yet. He has sacrificed for her, prayed for her, cried for her and loved her never having looked into her eyes. I am a very, very lucky woman to have a man like him in my life and our baby is going to be extremely blessed with a father that already has and will always do anything for her.

  27. My husband is 25 and we have three kids together. He had a rough time at first. But he has become an amazing father. He puts them before anything he likes or wants to do. We don’t get to go out or do anything without them. I wish I could spoil him more. He deserves it so much. I’m proud of the man my husband has become and the father I thank god my kids have in there life to look up to everyday.

  28. My husband is a great father and husband because he came from a broken, violent childhood and has become an amazing man that I love. We have a 3 yr old daughter and she is the love of his life lol. He plays with her and loves on her like I have never seen anyone do. I love to just watch them lol. I also have a 9 yr old son from a prev relationship and he welcomed him into his heart as if he was his own. I love my husband and know that he loves us no matter what.

  29. It amazes me how to simply say why he is wonderful is so hard….the list would be endless. I don’t think the human language has enough words but simply put….my husband completes me in every way. I can not imagine waking up another day without him. He makes me feel like everyday is that “first date” excitement and when I see the lengths he will go to to make our children smile I burst with pride. I believe the love we have is rare to find and I am thankful to experience it in my life. My husband is my world.

  30. my husband would be a great dad because he is always there for me, is incredibly fun and funny and he is a great person :-)

  31. Where to begin, My husband and I have two little boys together. They are 5 and 6 yrs old. Even though he is an active duty soldier and usually working 12 hrs a day, he always comes straight home to us. He sets aside weekends for family time when he could be doing anything else. Wether it be reading a book, wrestling or playing legos for hours he makes sure he is as involved in their lives as possible. Everyday when he gets home from his long work day he makes 1 on 1 time for each of them. He never puts them down and takes note of any new interest they may have. Our family absolutley comes 1st to him and I love that! I feel so blessed and couldnt have asked for a better father for my children! If I dont win, it was still fun to have the oppurtunity to brag on him a little because he deserves it anyway!

  32. My husband is an amazing dad to Conner, 3, and Lulu, 17 months.
    He doesn’t get to see them in the morning before work, but their daily ritual when daddy comes home is “hide from daddy!” Both kids giggle and run like crazy trying to find a hiding spot one they hear the words “there’s daddy!” I have a big smile on my face and laugh along, watching my husband enter the door and say “Where’s Conner?! Where’s Lulu?!” He goes all round the house opening closet doors and checking each room for the kids, as they giggle. Once he finds them, they both jump on him and give him kisses. He spends the last few hours of the day playing with them, and getting in as much daddy time as he can! I love that even though he had a tiring or stressful day, he always puts his Daddy time in! We love him!!!

  33. My husband is an amazing dad. He is in the Army and works long hours but still makes it a point to spend time with the kids each day, even if it when he comes home for lunch.

  34. My husband is such an amazing daddy to our two children. He’ll spend hours just holding our daughter and simply staring into her eyes. He is currently teaching our 3 yr old son how to swim. I love him so much! He deserves this!

  35. My husband is a wonderful husband and father. He has been serving his Country since 1990 but didn’t become a father until 2002. His daughter was born that year and his also went through a divorce and his daughter was moved to Delaware and he was stationed in Texas. I gave birth to our son at the end of 2003 and I brought two older boys 6, 8 to our marriage(their dad was not in the picture). He stepped right up as a father and has never missed a beat. All of our children know him as their dad. We have been flying his daughter back and forth since she was a year old. Last year after he got back from deployment I was hospitalized and diagnosed with MS and he has been the most amazing father and mother at times while I have been sick. I am just so proud that he is the father of my children.

  36. My husband is the best dad because he puts his family first. Although he works long hours on little sleep, he always comes home ready to play with our girls and help out around the house, and doesn’t once complain!

  37. My husband is a great father and husband, no matter the amout of a workload he may have he allways manages to put us as his top priority …even when he has been deployed he does his best to make us feel so important.

  38. My husband and i are expecting our first in January, and from the second we knew there was a possibility that i was pregnant, and much more so since we found out for sure, that has been his whole focus. His goal in life is making sure that his family is happy, and that we have what we need. He is a smart, hilarious, caring man, and i have never met anyone who was as good with kids as he is. My only “complaint” is how much more cuddle time my tummy clocks then I do. But then again.. I’m not really complaining am i? The man works his butt off, and has been in TRADOC for a year and a half already, and after this post, he goes to ANOTHER 6 month TRADOC facility, where we will welcome this much anticipated bundle into the world.

  39. The reason my husband is a good dad is that although the stresses and pressures of his daily army job weighs heavily on his shoulder’s at times, he knows how to seperate work from home. When we got married I brought 3 children into the marriage. He had none. Considering a dad is someone who gives unconditional support and love to a child no matter his own, he stepped in the role of a provider and supporter, free from complaints. We have 4 children together, a total of 7. This coming August he will have 18 years of Army strong service for our country. My husband is dedicated and committed not only to our family, but to the US of A as well.

  40. My husband is wonderful father to our two children. He always puts the kids and I first no matter what meaning that he has made a lot of sacrifices regarding himself over the years. I would love the opportunity to win this Galaxy Tab for him. We will be spending father’s day with him this year when we weren’t suppose to. He got orders to South Korea so while he was there, we went to live in Pennsylvania. My son was not taking it too well. He just turned ten years old. Some fathers would have told their sons to man up and just deal with their father being away. It had got so bad that my son was not sleeping at night, having digestive issues and getting headaches. He was also not focused in school. I had to seek counseling for my son. I sent a Red Cross message because it got really bad and through the Red Cross, my husband came home and attending family counseling sessions with my son. He also took the initiative to request a compassionate reassignment which I am happy to say got approved while he was on emergency leave with us! He got reassigned with us to Fort Bragg, NC. He did this out of love for his son. He could have just told me to deal with the situation but he did not. He was there to support me and his son throughout the entire process. He loved Korea but came home because his son needed him. I am hoping to win this contest as a thank you for his service to our country and for being such a wonderful husband and father two our two children!

  41. My husband is an amazing father to our two biological kids and also to our foster children. He joined the military late in life so that he could provide for his family and have a career to build on. He shows respect to me and the kids and teaches them how a wife and mother should be treated. He is my best friend and the perfect person to be a father. How he learned this I will never know as he grew up without a father. He always finds time for all of us and makes things happen when they need to. I think he is simply the best!

  42. My husband has 5 kids and has been a part of each ones life like they are the only child he has. He’s been deployed 3 times and even when he is miles away he still shows his love by calling and chatting as often as possible to each one. He provides so much for our family and supports us every day like there is no tomorrow. We love being together as a family and he’s the greatest man I’ve ever known..I knew before I married him that I wanted to have children with him for his heart is so big that the love just radiates off of him. I wasn’t wrong in that decision, he’s an amazing father!

  43. My husband and I have been married for 3 years, and as soon as he is out of the Army we will start our family. I’m so excited to see my husband as a father. He has a heart of gold, is patient, kind and generous. He had a pretty tumultuous childhood, with an alcoholic mother and constant chaos in his life, he has turned into a pretty amazing man. His parents died when he was a teenager, and because of not having them around a lot he raised himself. I know the fact that he wants to wait to have a family until he is out of the military and we can provide a stable home for our children that he will be a dedicated parent. I’m excited for our journey together as parents.

  44. My husband is the most humble and caring man I know. He’s the one who taught me what real love was. He has loved me and stayed by my side through many rough patches in life, and has never faltered. I have many health issues that are a constant issue, and he always makes sure that I’m taken care of and have the support needed when times get rough. Together we have two children that are 12.5, and almost 11. He is such a great Dad to them. He puts all of his needs and wants aside so he can make sure the kids have things they need. He never asks for anything, is humble, caring, loving, and a stand-up soldier. He never complains for what he’s put through, and always goes above and beyond what he is asked to do to ensure the job is complete. This man deserves the world, and I wish I could give it to him. Anyone that meets this man, and gets to know him will know that what I say about him is no lie. He’s not perfect, but we love him unconditionally anyways. :)

  45. My husband is a great dad because he puts his son in front of anything. He dedicates him time and has been able to create a very special connection between the two of them. It is easy to see what a great relationship they have just by looking at their smiles when they spend time together.

  46. Very few can call themselves a hero. Some are often modest when being labeled as a hero. But let me tell you about my military hero. No he doesn’t have a cape, but he does have super powers. He is able to fly to another destination within the blink of an eye, to protect and serve his country. He is able to then return to take his sons to their baseball games and tuck them in at night. Then before the break of dawn, he is training other Soldiers and turning them into heroes. See there are heroes all around us. My hero just happens to wear ACUs and answers the name of Sergeant First Class Urena. Like all heroes, he has a weakness; and that weakness is his family. This is what makes him the best Father!

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