Almost two years ago I was surfing Youtube and came across this talented painter doing something called speed painting and painting a picture of something I couldn’t figure out. I was so amazed with how effortlessly he was throwing paint at this black spinning canvas , that I was almost in tears when he turned it over and it was a picture of Jesus Christ.

It was one of the most beautiful paintings I had ever seen and was completed in only mere minutes.

A little while ago I received an email from Tim Decker who is a performance speed painter and performs at over 100 events a year.

This guy is AMAZING! He shared with me that at the end of every show he does a tribute painting for our troops. I just had to share this amazing painting that he did in less then 2 minutes. Maybe I am a cry baby, but this brought me to tears.

The video below is his current tribute to the soldiers but as I started watching through his videos I found another painting that he did as a tribute to our military. I have shared both below.

Check out the videos below:





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