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I will be the first to admit that I roll my eyes at those moms with kids whose house just always seems to be immaculate and nothing is ever out of place. I swear it looks like they never dropped food or the kids never ever play. Part of the problem is I can’t stand cleaning! I mean I like a clean house I just don’t like to be the one to do it. I’m not afraid to admit that I have a husband who is a better cleaner then me nonetheless he is military and being gone often is part of the job, so I had to figure out a method to prevent the unclean madness in my home.


Me in the process of one of my 5 Minute Pickups
The After!

Vacuuming– If nothing else I do this daily. I vacuum everywhere in my house even the bathroom floors , kitchen floor and hardwood floor in the living room. This helps me kill two birds with one stone and I don’t feel like I have to sweep. In addition the instant floor lines make me feel like the room is clean even when the rest of my crap is tossed around those beautiful clean lines!

The Toilet: O-M-G I despise cleaning the bathroom but it must be done. No I don’t give my bathroom a scrub down daily but I do keep antibacterial wipes by the toilet. Everyday I wipe down the toilet with those including the sides of the toilet and the floor around it. When you have little boys this is a awesome way to ensure no odors arise.

The 5 Minute Pickup: I am totally guilty of being a computer addict. It’s where I work and although I work from home it is very easy to let the household duties slip. To combat this problem every hour or so I get off my butt from the computer and go and straighten up something for 5-10 minutes. It can be something simple like cleaning my kitchen sink by pouring some Pine-sol down the drain , wiping the kitchen table off , or just rearranging my desk. By doing this a few times throughout the day I actually get more done then I would if I tried to clean all day.

I know some of the Deep Cleaning Divas are probably waving their domestic wands at me and shaking their heads in disbelief at my lack of cleaning ability. Luckily those of you who are domestic cleaning goddesses can have the chance to show your stuff because Pine-sol wants to crown one of you  “Deep Cleaning Diva” for a year plus give you $5000 plus a trip to San Francisco!
Are you a little extreme when it comes to cleaning?

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