I am like one of the biggest “Army Wives” fans ever in life. I have watched it since the premiere way back in 2007. One of the biggest reasons many were drawn to it was because once you used common sense to realize that it was just a TV show , us military spouses appreciated the fact that for once a show was sharing some of our realities as military wives. It was nice (although maybe at times unrealistic) to see the balance of enlisted and officer spouses. No the fact that enlisted and officer wives are friends on the show does not bother me , hell the cruise I just took recently was with an officer’s wife and another enlisted spouse…it does happen.

Yesterday a Facebook friend (thanks Kassandra)pointed out something that I hadn’t even took time to realize. As of season six on “Army Wives” there are NO LONGER ANY ENLISTED FAMILIES on the show!

Being the rational person I am (sometimes) this could be purely a coincidence or is it a sign that a show has to be glamorized and use only the elite of a huge group of folks to make for good television? I won’t be quick to judge because we are only four episodes in to the sixth season and who knows maybe we are in for another wave of enlisted families to hit the cast.

It’s bad enough I defend the show constantly explaining to people that yes there are some waves of fantasy but what do you expect it’s a tv show? Yet the fact that we were able to see lower ranking enlisted soldiers struggling with money problems , housing issues and more added just the dose of reality to make us keep tuning in.

In the mean time I hope that the writers of this show know that by eliminating the presence of enlisted families on the show, you are essentially leaving out your biggest fans!

Does the non-presence of enlisted families on Army Wives bother you or does it make for even better tv?

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Krystel is the mom of two and an Army Wife. In addition to Army Wife 101 she is the Co-Founder of SoFluential.com a digital media agency that connects brands with the military market. She has appeared on MSNBC ,FOX LA and formerly was a weekly contributor to HLN's "Raising America". She has written for various outlets including Sheknows and Lifetime and is a big fan of cupcakes and french fries.

30 Comments on Why No Enlisted Families Anymore on “Army Wives” ??

  1. Now that you mention it, I haven’t even thought about it but you’re SO right! And a lot of people do get knocked for watching what we know is JUST a tv show and not our actual Army wife life. Im guessing that since they have the new lady and there will be tons of drama thats enough realism for the show LOL. But I agree, most that watch the show will be enlisted families and they should stick to showing the struggles of everyday people.

    • Yea people kill me with the holier then thou attitude about not watching it. I’m like but I bet you watch Grey’s Anatomy which I’m sure doesn’t depict doctors in the best light neither. It’s a tv show and people need to realize that!

  2. I def think that they are introducing new families like Ski & his German wife. The show is going in directions. That’s all:)

  3. I admit it does bother me a little. I don’t see why Trevor needed to become an officer. Many many people have a wonderful career in the Army staying enlisted. Since there are so many Enlisted families in the Army I hope that they will add one or two in the future.

  4. i didnt even notice that theres no more enlisted people! and no, i guess it doesnt bother me. i do think they’ll probably stick a new wife in there whos enlisted to make it even. what does bother me is the way they made that German lady seem so mean. What was that all about? and her accent i thought was way to fake. humm…

  5. Gisela was the perfect demeanor once Roxy showed up at Ski’s house. Heck, even the other wives scared Roxy a bit being Amy career spouses. But as it was said, she doesn’t back down and has now made another friend. This season definitely has some surprises in store.

  6. I just recently started watching it and I do enjoy the show, but there’s not really a character I can relate to because there are no enlisted families.

  7. My oldest daughter started watching the show, but she actually went back and watched from Season 1 til now. I just watched the recent episode yesterday and was a little surprised of Trevor’s new rank. I think I must have missed a little last season maybe. Anyway, it doesn’t bother me but I have to admit it crossed my mind while watching that Roxy will need to get herself in check a little. I thought the part in the housing office and dropping the wife’s name was ridiculous! Wives don’t have rank so I thought the concept, while easily understood, a 2nd LT’s wife would not do that. But again as you pointed out, it’s a tv show and it’s entertainment and that’s why I watch. I won’t stop watching, but have to admit I am glad I have watched since day 1.

    • See I am not totally bothered by the change in rank neither. I mean Trevor was enlisted so it is cool to see him promoted. I think showing alittle more of the process would have helped people follow along better. I think the most they showed about it was Frank saying Trevor you start OCS school on this date , I’m like that’s it so out of nowhere he goes to Officer school LOL!

  8. It does bother me because they try to keep a certain side of reality to the show. Well how did Trevor get promoted overnight ? But they do seem to be moving in the German family but will they play a main role or just remain in the side lines ? Maybe Gisela is taking Pam’s place. We are definitely in store for some friend changes esp. with Denise and Claudia-Joy.

    • Yes I am certainly curious to see what is going to happen with Denise and CJ’s friendship. I know Denise is excited to have someone she knows back at the base but gee whiz , seems like she just kicked CJ to the side.

  9. A little. I’m really not that interested in the competition for another general star and the pettiness I’m sure the wives are in store for. I loved the show the most when Roxy was fumbling with military life in a shock and awe sort of way. More fantasy than reality, but there is a bit of truth there. At the time I was fairly new to the lifestyle so I related a bit. Even now that I have some years under my belt I still would love to see it. Maybe have Claudia-Joy or even Roxy (that would be interesting) take enlisted under their wing. I’d like to see temporary co-star wives (especially enlisted) but no one knows they aren’t going to be around that long. Have a couple come in because the hurricane and the assignment changes. Or if drama is the goal someone get into some trouble and get discharged. Or have someone lose their rank and the struggle to get it back. Or even sometimes the struggle just to move up. I’d like to see Pam be a phone call/Skype away.. no longer part of the main cast but stationed somewhere else and once in a while she’ll be the voice of reason to Roxy or something to make it feel like she’s still part, but as with the military life… far away. I want more focus on everyday struggles.

  10. I do have to say that it bothers me that there are no more enlisted characters on the show. And not only are they all officers, but they’re all pretty dang high ranking officers. I can’t really relate to the “struggles” of O5 and above families… which apparently all of them are, because all of them were at the concert last episode that was only for O5 and above families (except for Trevor and Roxy). So while the show never really represented the most accurate picture of Army life, I think it TRULY doesn’t represent Army life with much accuracy now. I really do hope they bring in some more characters that will be enlisted and show some of their struggles like money issues, dealing with moves, making new friends, etc.

  11. I don’t watch the show, it is pure fantasy. It is not right there aren’t enlisted spouses, this is another reason ‘regular’ folks have the tottally wrong impression of Army Wives….

  12. The fact that there are no more enlisted people on the show is not as annoying as the idea that no matter what major career/life change they go through, they’re all still together in the same damn place. It just doesn’t happen. Trevor started out as lower enlisted, got deployed for all of 5 days or whatever, then (do you even remember this?) supposedly became a recruiter, then magically got stationed back at Ft. Marshall AS a recruiter (hello…. recruiters are out in the communities!), then became an officer, and is STILL at Ft. Marshall. I mean, really. The recruiter thing was so dumb they quickly abandoned that storyline. Showing only the “upper echelon” ranks now – all power games and stupid FRG meetings – clearly only represents about 2% of the military. Pass.

  13. I just started watching this year after many military wives I know talked about the show. I must say that I am also disappointed that there are really no enlisted families represented on the show. It is definitely a turn off for me. I think it would be interesting to have both junior enlisted and senior enlisted families as they both have their unique set of challenges, rewards, and situations.

  14. I started watching Army Wives this last year – thanks to a lot of other wives telling me to ‘get over’ my hang up that it wasn’t realistic enough:) I love the show – but isn’t there still an enlisted family? Gloria and her husband are enlisted – because Trevor is his CO, right? Love Army wives and am really loving this blog:)

  15. Just came across this blog while I was googling something else. I never noticed that there aren’t any enlisted families. I am not an Army Wife, but I was a military brat long ago. I never lived on base, but was aware of everything that went on there. ‘Regular’ folks are aware of what goes on in military families. Some of them may not know personally what each and every one of you go through…but they know. If people truly believed TV shows or movies we would have one helluva war zone here and not need military personnel deployed to other countries. I work on an ambulance and think it’s quite funny when they try to make a show out of my profession, Even when they make “real TV”! Cause guess what? IT’S NOT EVEN CLOSE!!! So the ones who are boycotting the show because it gives ‘regular’ people the wrong impression…GET OVER YOURSELF!!!! Cause I have lived the military life and now I am a regular person…

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