Last month you may have saw me post a tidbit on the AW101 FB page that I was heading to the set of the hit TV show “Army Wives” in Charleston , South Carolina.

Check out this sneak peak of what you are in store for tomorrow:

I had the chance to sit down with the some of the cast members including Catherine Bell, Brian McNamera, and Ashanti plus more and see what they had to share about Season 7.


It was an amazing experience and everyone was super nice. I saw the set in it’s entirety and even stood outside Denise Sherwood’s (Bell) front door as they were shooting a scene! Who knew so much went into shooting one scene?


Tomorrow  watch my interviews with the cast members of “Army Wives” on “Raising America” at 12PM EST. You can join in the convo on Twitter using the #RaisingAmerica .






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