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1 Comment on My Thoughts on Army Wives Episode 2 Season 5

  1. First of all, I’m excited I found your page. My boyfriend is at BCT so hopefully this page will keep me sane! Lol
    I think Trevor had every right to be mad. What the heck are you doing with another man in MY house?
    I wish Roxy DIDN’T have to get charged $100/item but too bad.
    Omg!!! I felt so bad for Claudio Joy, too. And then in the most recent episode it was nice to see another side of him. It’s sad that his daughter died. LOL I can understand both Denise and Tonya’s side. My boyfriend really wants to get married and his mom secretly wants to slit my throat. I’m glad Pamela stayed, too! (Can you tell I’m typing as I listen?)
    I 10000% think it’s Jeremy that died. Can’t have a show called Army Wives with a widow. -_- Anywho, I agree with the thins you said. I’m off to look at the rest of your site! Lol.

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