My husband's homecoming in 2007

Next month is the month of premieres for us military folks. In addition to the March 4th premiere of Army Wives , military families can look forward to the season premiere of the touching show “Coming Home” on Lifetime Television.

Lifetime wants to give you the viewers the chance to showcase not only your pictures but your best homecoming stories to be shared on their website.

I know you all have great homecoming stories because I have heard many of them so I suggest you dig out the pictures and get to sharing.

Was your homecoming the first time your spouse met your new baby or did he see family members he hadn’t see in a long time?

Did he surprise you for R&R and show up without you knowing? Those are just a few of the scenarios.

If you’d like to send in a short homecoming story please do so  with your first name , last initial and 2-3 pictures. Please email to by March 1st , 2012 .

Be sure to put “Lifetime Homecoming” in the subject area.



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