Wives ask me all the time “Does ____ have nice military housing”?  In my case shockingly I am not quite sure if I can say Schofield had the best military housing even though I had a new home. I would have to go on record as saying I enjoyed my home on Hunter Army Airfield much more.

My home on Hunter looked about the same size as the Schofield home but the room were twice as big. I also loved the little veranda that was upstairs that you could sit outside on. The homes on Hunter also seemed alittle more well made then the ones on Schofield where it seemed like everything including the floors came apart so easily.

My house on Hunter Army Airfield
My Former Home on Schofield

Yesterday I asked everyone what base or post had their favorite military housing?

Check out the list by clicking the link below to see if your soon to be duty station is on there.

AW101 Readers Share Their Favorite Military Housing

Where has your favorite military housing been?




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6 Comments on My Favorite Military Housing

  1. To be honest with you, I haven’t liked anything on post. I’ve always been more interested in living off post because I prefer to be in the surrounding area since I like to be close to the “action”, lol. Thanks for sharing, though. I’m surprised the best housing wasn’t in Hawaii, lol.

  2. My husband was stationed at Hunter and our housing was pure crap. The housing offered to him on Carson looked even worse. It seems they reserve all the nice housing for higher ranking and those with kids (I do not agree with this one) so we bought a house instead otherwise I prefer to live on base.

    • I am sorry you didn’t like your housing. We were lower enlisted and got new housing and so did my friend who saw my house put her name on the list and got approved for housing. We did wait a year though for this house. We had to live offpost in Georgetown area first.

  3. Hi I am wondering how long was the waiting this for Schofield? I am just curious.

    I know it’s different for everyone just wanted to get an idea.

    Thank you!

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