I love Yankee Candles! I have a mild obsession with them to say the least. I only purchase though, if I have a coupon.

Here are 2 current coupons you can print and use at the PX or any local Yankee Candle store. By the way, Yankee Candle stores will combine Military Discount (10%) with any coupons and deals. I usually get my max savings doing that. But if your PX/BX has a clearance on any YC, then you are in even better luck. Now a side tip, the PX will only let one person use one coupon. So if your husband or teen is with you, have them check out separate if you plan on using more than one coupon.

These have an unlimited print amount!

$15 off $45 Coupon (ex 3/18/2012)

$10 off $30 Coupon (ex 3/18/2012)


As always, please read your store’s individual coupon policy on acceptance & doubling. The Shoppette/Commissary will accept these! They just will not double or combine 2 coupons on 1 item.

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My name is Angela, I am the new Frugal Savings lady over here at Army Wife 101. I currently blog/own Mommy PR (www.mommypr.com) . I love shopping and I truly heart coupons. I am a military spouse, mom to 2 girls, been stationed overseas and stateside, and have a mild addiction to social media.

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  1. We are here at fort bragg and our local yankee candle store doesn’t offer a military discount because of getting them on base tax free :(

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