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Last night’s episode caused a cackle of laughter when it begin with the most fictionalized version of an FRG meeting (to my knowledge). If there really is an FRG meeting that has occurred like this please write about it and send it to me !

Denise and Claudia Joy have a huge fight because Denise runs her mouth to Jackie.

Joan is told she has a communications problem by General Clarke and attempts to assemble an unsuccessful town hall meeting and then proceeds to get help from the most unexpected person…Charlie.

Roxy becomes the new FRG leader of Trevor’s command (unit whatever you want to call it) and gets a new makeover thanks to Jackie telling Denise Roxy needs to look the part which causes a small riff between Roxy and Denise.

Audrey (played by Susan Lucci) insists that Claudia plays the Kosovo card in order to get Jackie out of her hair.

CJ and Denise  have a huge argument!

I’m TEAM CJ all the way but damn it CJ stop being so NICEEEEE! …I have a mouthful to say about this debacle of episode …watch below:


 Did you miss last night’s episode of Army Wives? Catch it here!

What did you think of last’s episode?



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Krystel is the mom of two and an Army Wife. In addition to Army Wife 101 she is the Co-Founder of a digital media agency that connects brands with the military market. She has appeared on MSNBC ,FOX LA and formerly was a weekly contributor to HLN's "Raising America". She has written for various outlets including Sheknows and Lifetime and is a big fan of cupcakes and french fries.

18 Comments on Krystel’s Final Thought’s: Army Wives Season 6 Episode 5 (Spoilers)

  1. LOVED the show last week! I noticed that there was a lot of things on the show this season that we do at FT Bliss. I dont know if all post have a “family day” or a facebook page to talk, but ours does. After watching this I found out that some of the writers actually came out to Bliss for ideas, so I am even more excited to see what is in store for Army Wives.

    • Me and my husband are at ft. Carson and his company has ‘mandatory fun days’, which while it is great cuz they feed me, it also sucks because we’re required to go and he doesn’t like too many people in his company. If only family day meant he could have the day off and we can take our kid to the zoo or something.

  2. Lamest episode yet….I think they tried to see how many Army wife stereotypes they could cover in one episode, seriously. I am glad the show is wrapping up….it’s borderline ridiculous.

  3. I was so ready for CJ to tell Jackie off! I have this feeling though that the other lady (can’t remember her character’s name–the one feeding CJ all this info) could POSSIBLY be telling CJ this to get back at Jackie for some other thing in the past that CJ nor anyone else knows about–something personal. My husband kept saying the entire time, “Claudia Joy is turning into Lenore (sp?) Baker!” We both think CJ is above all this drama and should just listen to Michael. Also, I can’t stand what they are doing to Roxy…Roxy’s clothes is what makes Roxy!!!!!! I thought for sure Trevor wasn’t going to like Roxy’s new look and was going to be upset, and Roxy was going to go back to her Roxy clothes haha

  4. I was hoping Claudia Joy was going to bust her bubble but you know CJ miss modest she let it go however she did drop the dime to Denise which may be even better because now Denise will see she is being used.

  5. I think that Claudia is going to hold on to what she has until the right time to use it, like they say time and place.As far as Denice , I really think she needs to check herself , but you heard what frank told her, and it is all about rank to them

  6. While I do think Audrey has an alterior motive for wanting Jackie taken down, I do think she is trying to help CJ from a past experience she had with her. The writer’s really are portraying Denise as an airhead with this storyline, but I’m sure it will turn out for a good reason! It will be interesting to find out why down the road. They have certainly made us not like her from the get go, haven’t they? Now they are going to have CJ go through some kind of medical problem so Jackie can most likely take over even more.

    And, I’ve never been to a FRG meeting, but I’m sure they aren’t anything like that one was! They put on quite the show just so that Roxy would have something more to do! Did you get a load of how thick that binder was? All in the name of proper ettiquette a la Jackie! Geesh! I am pretty sure they will build this up between CJ and Jackie until something explodes and one will have to go.

    I know they haven’t renewed for a season 7 as yet, but they are adding an additional 10 episodes to this season. If they do not renew, this gave the producers the ability to not negotiate new contracts as the ones now end as of the end of this 6th season. We’ll see! We will either see it end because they will all be going elsewhere or we will see CJ kick Jackie’s butt in the truth department and force her and her non-3 star General hubby to find someone else to irritate somewhere else!

    I’m still waiting for another character to be introduced to fill in Pam’s spot but then maybe not. Maybe it will just be this devil’s triangle plot that will have Jackie and Audrey just disappear in the end! At least we have a longer season, right, girls???

  7. It’s getting good. Claudia Joy is great and Kelli Williams is doing a great job. Ditto for Susan Lucci – they should sign her up full time now that All My Children is gone.

  8. Yeah, I was disappointed CJ didn’t lay it into Jackie, but proud at the same time. She still trying to hold on to moral high ground a little there a little. I’m kinda hoping Jackie will screw things up on her own. I always like thinking karma will get back to those that deserve a kick in the shin. But I am looking forward to next week. Maybe it’s a cat fight that goes a little too serious! Hey, with that crazy FRG meeting, anything is possible.

  9. I was looking for Army Wives spoilers and came across your blog. I loved your video about last weeks Army Wives. I use to nit pick the show each time it was on, because I am the wife of an retired Sgt. Major. My kids were born on Fort Bragg at the old Womack Hospital. Those were the days. I will be coming back to see what is up with your site. Wish there were places like this to go to many moons ago. Good job.

  10. As a retired Army wife, I am really disappointed in where they are going with this season. I have been watching the show from the very begining. Im not sure if I’m going to watch it especially after these last two episodes. I am shocked that on this particular program that they brought lesbians into the show. I understand about the “don’t tell and don’t ask” but, hasn’t this gone a little too far?

  11. Michelle
    Homosexuality is a real issue, so wake up. The show is great and the episode was genuine. Seriously, you and I both know what goes on in the military; the same shit that goes on next door. I support out troops, gay and nongay.

  12. OK, guys can watch this chick-flick! As a single troop years ago I only glimpsed the family life as a volunteer aide for the Scout troop. It humanized the “lifer” enemy for me. I am glad this show tries to look at another side of the typical “cowboy” war story. Many Americans have no idea what military families experience. So if writers run a little off on occasion I still aplaud the production for giving us food for thought. Since my Vietnam era a lot of changes have affected army families. New rules need to be considered when we send reps to Congress. This isn’t a bad start for waking the voters up to the environment we create for our defenders.

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