If you are sitting there confused saying”what show is Krystel talking about?” ,then I suggest you go read in detail here. In a nutshell a new docu-series telling the stories of 4 Enlisted Wives and 3 Officers Wives stationed in Fort Richardson, Alaska with their families will premiere November 18th on the OWN Network.

You can expect up to the minute coverage from me here at Army Wife 101 because I certainly will be watching weekly. I think I may have something really good in the works too as far as the show goes so stay tuned for that.

In the mean time check out this 5 minute premiere that introduces us to the wife of a Major named Lindsey. I can already see the eye rolls when you get wind of the book she is reading in this clip.

I want to know what you think …Share your thoughts below!



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31 Comments on Wooot! A 5 Minute Sneak Peek of Married To The Army: Alaska…Watch Here!

  1. I think it’s sooo funny it says “the most remote post” y’all get Target, a MALL, restaurants that are more exciting then Chilli’s. Go 8 hours north to Ft Wainwright … Talk about remote.

    • There is NOT a target. The mall has like 15 stores, there is not a Chili’s, and the nearest big city is like 6 hours away which is a trip you can’t make in the middle of the winter when it is -60 degrees.

  2. Major Bergerons wife reading The Army Wife Handbook was funny. I did roll my eyeballs. I thought that was such a setup. On that note, if this show stays like the preview shows, then I think it will be a decent show. If it becomes something like The Real Housewives series, then it will give us Army wives a bad name and shouldn’t be aired. I think I may tune in to check it out.

    • I think she was serious, sadly. Does she love her husband or his rank? The tradition is for the active member. What was she before him and how does marrying him make her this queen bee?
      I agree on if it dips.

      • Major Bergeron is a great leader and an awesome man. My son is a 21-year old Specialist stationed at Richardson and both the Major and his wife have treated my son with utmost respect and compassion. She is anything but a “queen bee.” It is a very difficult place to be a single soldier living in the barracks, but he enjoys it because of the men he works with and their families. Give the show a chance; I think it’s going to do a world of good for the military and military families. There will be enough bashing from the civilian world so why should military families start doing the same before we’ve even seen it? Oprah’s network doesn’t air “Real Housewives…” or those kinds of reality shows. OWN is much more tasteful; it’s not Bravo! And if the show does make our fighting men and women look bad, this military mom will be the first one raising heck!

      • It definitely looks interesting. I’ll give it a shot and see how the premier looks/goes, but some of the things like the not knowing how to put antifreeze in a car/not ever having done it before is quite funny. Yeah, the reading of the “army wife handbook”…seriously?? Lol “WOW” is all that came to mind. I think it could be easy for any spouse to look at her and think she “wears her husbands rank”, because of the statement “I take pride in being Major Bergeron’s wife and I love being an officer’s wife.” Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t define my husband by his job and/or rank. Me: “I love being my HUSBAND’S wife” ;-)

  3. Wow, seriously its hard being in Alaska, ok winters suck but so does Germany I am not complaning if they don’t like it they can go home nobody forced them to be there their husbands have to be there….I think this show might be interesting if it stays calm butwe will see :)

  4. Oh nooooo another show that will not capture the real in our lifestyle. I really think its a slap in our face how we make so many scarafices and there are woman like Lindsey who pull out a handbook to act like her job is so serious to represent who? Really. I wish they would just capture real military spouse who go through many obstacles while spouse is deployed who shows the reality not just capture a once upon a time there was a military spouse………

  5. The show looks like it will be interesting especially since they decided to shoot it in Alaska. Hopefully the show will showcase the reality of being an Army wife. As far as Lindsey reading from the handbook……was it a setup, maybe. It just amazes me the negative comments people had to say. Granted the handbook is a guideline and not a bible. Most officers wives (not all) have one to reference. If there is any drama, I am wishing its not the age old battle of the officer wives vs the enlisted wives. Personally the difference in rank doesn’t make anyone superior than any other individual. It bothers me when people give you the look when they find out you’re an officer wife, we are all not the same. Definitely will be tuned into this show.

    • If you’re speaking of my words, they are my opinion on what was shown and said and not just the handbook. Those words about her pride in HIS rank and being an O’s wife and sitting on ‘all of these boards’. She came off very self important. That’s his rank, not hers.
      That’s the problem I have with these types of shows. They cast a few they know people will not like. It’s a formula.
      She could be a nice woman, but that will be hard to see after editing and what will THAT do to his career?
      The other seemed nice, but 5 minutes isn’t enough to see how it will go.
      Alaska makes it interesting and more challenging. Less chance of having family to visit and vice versa during deployment, harsher weather, etc. That part was a good call.
      (If you weren’t talking about my words, my apologies. LOL)

  6. I want to see a show that follows the military husbands, why are they always left out? And I’m talking about the husbands that are not in the military.

      • Hi Seasoned AF Spouse– thanks for your comment– just wanted you all to know that although we told the stories through the spouses’ point of view, we were there for all seven husbands’ R&Rs, so we were able to capture seven homecomings and seven goodbyes, and hear some of their stories in between about what life is like for them in combat. We hope you enjoy the show– we were honored to be able to recognize the commitment and sacrifice of military spouses!

          • I agree. There might not be as many MALE spouses to service members, but they’re still out there and I think it would be great if they were to express themselves or at least show how a like and / or different it is for them.

  7. I didnt even know there was such a book! lol that is so funny to me. I seriously dont think you can learn to be an army wife from a book. However the i cant wait to watcht the show. It looks good so far!

  8. Interesting! I am glad to see wives of different ranks. I could relate to some of what they were saying about being in Alaska in winter with little kids because of being in Germany.

  9. Wow I can’t believe I actually search the web just to see that clip. Yeah let’s talk about ft.wainwright for a sec. Not only did I just come from there, but I would like to say wainwright is more remote then Richardson and we have worst winters. If people really want to see how true Alaskans do it then why not shoot where they have true winters and no shops. I remember getting a email asking if I wanted to do the show? What ever happened to shooting in wainwright?

    • I was thinking the same thing! After 13 years, I have never once picked it up. And it’s nothing but wood chips and it does not smell like she reacted to it! Such a joke.

  10. This show is a huge slap in the face to all military wives and military husbands out there. I definitely will not be watching this show. First of all, it appears to be full of officer wives. Put some more enlisted wives in there and you would have a different show. I have been in Alaska for 13 years and as an army wife of a Soldier who was with the 4/25 for 9 years, I have to say this show is going to be a joke. I say this because officer wives think they hold rank. Seriously, who actually reads a military spouse handbook!?! In my husbands 19 years, I have never heard of such a thing. Why doesn’t the show focus on wives who have to deal with more than being a mother when their spouse is gone? It’s a fact that deployments are hard, but this does not show anything but 7 wives with children living without their spouse. After 5 deployments and the longest being 18 months and the last one ending with a severe injury, you can imagine the stressful life I have dealt with, but I never cried to the world on how tough it was or have wanted to be on a show to get sympathy. Also, I couldn’t tell, but I am going to guess these wives don’t work. I also loved the preview showing the Soldier and spouse on skype. That must have been nice and they should feel lucky to have had that luxury. I relied on an email now and then and a phone call every few months if I was lucky.

    • If you watched the beginning of the clip, it says there are 4 enlisted spouses and 3 officer spouses. And the one they featured in this clip was getting ready for work. It is not always easy to find work at remote military posts. Instead of griping and tearing each other down, we as military spouses should be holding each other up and supporting each other. I am sorry that your experiences have made you so bitter. There are thousands of spouses just like you who have gone through the same things you have.

  11. I seen the shows and I like them, they are a lot better than that show with actors playing Army and Army Wives. That one is just to fake.Anyway Don’t like how Lindsay thinks that since she jumped ship and went over to an Officer the ranks pinned on her. She is still young an immature in that aspect. Rynn’s husband is the same rank and she’s not going around demanding parade rest from every other wife. Traci I don’t like either though, I do believe she is very confrontational and needs to think before she speaks. You don’t need to speak like that to another person, I used to be just like her until I learned my lesson. I just think that Traci may have a little maturing to do, you just don’t talk to someone like that. I can give plenty of different examples to help get her point across without cussing. As far as Mrs. Major pants, she didn’t take her husband advice she just went straight for the kill, he told her to relate first but know he just wanted to hurry and spit her venom without thinking that she was calling their marriage a joke. Anyways I like the rest of the cast I wish all the women well,and hope their husbands all made it back safe.

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