You’ve set up your blog and you’ve got your list of content ideas all ready to go.

Now you’re probably wondering “what do I do about pictures for my blog”? The answer to that will be based on the type of content you are creating.

But, before we get to that it’s important to know that you CANNOT steal people’s photos off the web or just download and use any random photo. Always check the creative usage licensing on photos before you download them.

Here’s how to get awesome photos for your content without worrying about that issue.

DIY And Recipe Blogs

Naturally, if you are making your own items, then you will need to create your own imagery. This doesn’t mean you need to go out and by the newest Canon camera neither. Starting out with your smart phone and good lighting will do.

One tip that can help to ensure your images look good is using natural day light. Never post pictures that are blurry, cloudy or have been taking in yellow lighting which can make the image look off.

Click the image below to check out tips on how to take good images with your cell phone via Next Gen Milspouse.

Also check out How To Build A Better Online Presence for Your Milspouse Biz Series: Part 1: My Pictures Suck

Free & Paid Stock Photos

If you are creating resourceful articles like “How To Budget” or “Tips For New Moms” (these are just examples) then you can use what is known as stock photo sites. Stock photo sites are comprised of photos and video footage submitted by professional photographers as well as amateurs.

Sample stock photos that I would use if writing about tips for pregnant moms or some kind of budgeting article.


There are many free stock photo sites and of course better premium photos can be found on some of the paid ones. That said, may of the images used here come from free sources. Be sure to always check the guidelines for utilizing the site’s photos.

Check out these free and paid resources below:


  • Unsplash– This is our one and only favorite that we use when we aren’t utilizing our paid subscriptions.
  • 21 Amazing Sites With Breathtaking Free Stock Photos (2020 Update)
  • Getty Images– If you are writing about celebrity news, you can utilize some of Getty’s celebrity photos for articles only. That means you can manipulate them or place captions on them. You would simply use the embed option to paste the code to appear in your blog post.

Affordable Paid Options

Etsy– actually has stock photos that start as low as a few cents from different sellers. Simply search the topic of the photo you are looking for with stock photo after it.

Creative Market– is amazing for so many things like Instagram templates, wordpress themes, fonts and the weekly free items they give away. They also have stock photos for sale the start as low as a $1.00

Haute Stock Co.– Has some of the best lifestyle images around. Their photos look extremely real and modern and have plenty of diversity. Their monthly subscription starts at $29.

Reach Out To Companies For Images

If you are writing an about a company or their products you can always go to their website and look for their media center. This usually has assets you can use as well as images. Always read the guidelines for using the images. If none are present feel free to email the media rep for that company and explain to them what you are writing about. In most case they will happily send you high resolution images to use.

In Step 7, we will talk about the beginner workings of how to monetize your blog and obtain potential sponsored opportunities.



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