Yes Yes I know I have been slacking on my recaps. Forgive me I got sucked into the world of reality TV and had to make a really tough decision as to whether or not I would watch “The Real Housewives of ATL”or Army Wives and of course drama ( I am so ashamed) won me over. Don’t worry though “RHOA” is off the air for the season and I am back to my regularly scheduled programming.

Oh and don’t forget to listen until the end for my “BIG ANNOUNCEMENT EEEEEEEK”!

Check out my thought’s about this past Sunday’s episode:


Oh and I forgot to tell you about the upcoming preview and oh boy if you missed it you will want to see it:



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Krystel is the mom of two and an Army Wife. In addition to Army Wife 101 she is the Co-Founder of a digital media agency that connects brands with the military market. She has appeared on MSNBC ,FOX LA and formerly was a weekly contributor to HLN's "Raising America". She has written for various outlets including Sheknows and Lifetime and is a big fan of cupcakes and french fries.

4 Comments on Krystel’s Final Thoughts: Army Wives 4/29/12 Episode

  1. “I have to put on my best hair.” LOVE IT!! I have been wanting to know this from the cast on that show for a long time, I ‘ve been wanting to know how they feel about the real military. How they feel about what the families go through, and how they feel about portraying such real and hard issues that we really have to deal with.

  2. I am glad you posted it, I thought I was going to have to find you and ask for my weekly dose of laughs lol…..ok now I am going to watch it!!!

  3. ok I have watched it… first, love you bunches, secondly, CONGRATS!!!! I hope you can go. I too felt like it was a bit of a filler episode, I am however interested in seeing how far they are going to play into the General’s choice to leave those people behind in Africa. I can truly see some chitzzz hitting the fan and then some. I do like the young Hispanic couple, although they do kind of make them out to be a bit on the air head side, contrastly I do appreciate how they had her step up to the plate and passively accept the barmaid job to help her financially falling family….keep em coming!!!

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