Thanks to Shelly at for the Vent Day idea…I definitely have plenty of those!

Ever been to the commissary and seen parents who annoy you because they let their kids run free and wild…I share my vent in the video below:



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19 Comments on Vent Day Tuesday: Get Your Dag On Kids In the Commissary

  1. Gaaah at the commi here in Hawaii the very first time I went there, there was this 12 year old boy who had a squeaky toy and was constantly squeaking it up and down the aisles. I was being driven nuts. The mom keep telling him to stop like 10 times, but she never took it away from the boy. And we were doing the grocery store tango where I would go down one aisle when she was going up the same aisle, aisle after aisle. I could not escape the squeaking kid. I swear if looks could kill he would be 6 ft under.

  2. There was a kid today who sounded like a fire engine, wailing for the ENTIRE time I was in there. Guess what his mom was doing? Pushing the cart and talking on her cell phone! Mean while, he’s trailing behind her, getting louder every eisle. I know kids cry and sometimes pull temper tantrums, I have two who used to, but when your kid is screaming like he is dying, and your just walking along on your cell ignoring it, it make me wanna smack you! What happened to respecting the people around you? Crying kids don’t bother me, but when it goes non stop for an hour and a half, come on!

  3. lol @ the wedgies :) I know what you mean, this gets on my nerves too. I think pulling up and there’s no parking would’ve been a good enough sign for me to leave until another day, lol.

  4. Oh, and I wanted to add, this happens EVERYWHERE!!! I was at Wal-Mart last night and almost jumped these kids for hollering “anal dripage” over and over while my son was around. Then they decided to start hollering the Marco Polo game all over the store! I was annoyed……

  5. Girl I hear you!! I get sooo mad when people dont pay any attention to their kids! I also hate when they bring children into adult movies and they are crying and/or being loud! I hire a babysitter if I want to go out! I hate how people are not considerate of others!
    I remember one morning I took my daughter to school and I met up with a girl friend to have breakfast and this Grandmother and Mother came in with a child approx. 3 yrs old. They sat down and ignored the child that was running around like it was a play ground! All these people were just watching this child run around and talking about how the mother needs to pay attention. I got sick and tired of this child running past us while we were eating so I walked up to them and told them they either need to tell the child to sit down and color or take him to McDonalds. I also said this is a restaurant and people are trying to have a nice meal. And this wasn’t like an Ihop or a “childrens” place it was an adult environment.
    Its soooo annoying! When I go out I make sure my daughter behaves and has manners! Thats the problem no one believes in manners now a days! grrr

  6. i love when you stop to breathe during your venting LOL thats how i survive the commisary on pay day! Its a mad house. As for kids in the commissary, I don’t have kids, so I am not allowed much room to complain because “i have never had to deal with my kids while shopping.” WRONG. I have taken my friends kids with me to the commissary. For me it’s entertaining. I have argued with a 4 year old on every aisle as she wanted to help grocery shop (by putting random things in the cart) for care package items to mail to my husband. It was laughable. But I think the difference was I took an active approach and interacted with the kids as I shopped. It entertained them and allowed me to keep tabs on them. I write my grocery list in a word document (and make 3 copies) the oldest who can supervise themselves go fetch things I might have passed up. Ones who shouldn’t be left unspervised hold and read one grocery list to make sure I don’t forget anything. The younger ones might ride in the cart and help put things in the cart. Or they get things piled around them and think its fun. Anyway I can I keep them involved in the shopping process. I keep tabs on them at the same time. And even though I don’t have kids, I have a little bag I keep in my purse that holds just about everything! hand santizier, wet ones, tide to go pen, tampons, bandaids, tylenol, neosporin, chapstick, napkins, and a few other goodies LOL

  7. brrahahahahha, I love it. Let’s not forget those ladies that LOVE to park their buggy full of groceries in the middle of the isle with their kids in the front screaming, while the mom is on the other end of the isle chatting up with her friends! Gotta love em. I’m like “Really”!

  8. Krystel, thanks for the mention! Love your video and I agree (even in the non-military world) GET YO BAD AZZ KID!!! hahaha!! I tell ya, there is an epidemic of undisciplined children and it is so scary. There are many parents in the world that do NOT parent. It ain’t right.

  9. I must say, my hubby’s kids would NEVER do the kinds of things i’ve seen other people’s children do in a grocery store. I dont buy the whole “well if i ignore him it will make him stop” or “dont react to his temper tantrum because that rewards the bad behavior” or “oh he’s 2, thats what toddlers do”. Oh hell no. Any of my children start wailing in a store, or in public where they are potentially bothering other people….. i will calmly deadly quietly take them by the arm, walk their ass out to the parking lot, sit them on a curb or in my car, and discuss the misbehaving. theatrics is NOT acceptable behavior and will NOT be tolerated or ignored. I dont care if the kid is 2 or 12. no child will win that power-play with me. of course, my kids behavior expectations are discussed BEFORE we get to the store, and a clear expectation of reward vs consequence is outlined. If you misbehave, run, touch things, whine, etc. we will immediately stop what we are doing, and leave. when we get home you will be grounded and stand in a corner holding an encyclopedia over your head until i say you can put it down. if you behave well and appropriately, then you can still go play at your friend’s house, or have a popscicle when we get home. simple enough. why is it so dadgum hard for people to set expectations with their kids, and *gasp* follow thru on appropriate consequences/rewards for the child’s behaviors? i mean really ….

  10. All I have to say is Thank-you. Maybe people will realize now they have to control their children.. I was walking out one time and out with me walks a 2year old. I had to bring him back in and ask where the hell are the parents. Seriously!! I totally agree with you…….

  11. My girls are 1, 3, and 5 and I make sure they are with me when I go shopping. I have made my 3 year old a grocery lapbook she takes with us when we go grocery shopping and my 5 year old has her own grocery list that she goes shopping off from. I want to engage my girls while we shop and they like to be involved and help me find things. It may take longer but at least they are with me at all times and not screaming.

  12. OMG! Ladies you are all so right: on the phone, shopping and the kids trailing! Gotta love it. I do have to say that I almost passed out when I saw a child sleeping in the basket and the parents had dog food and trays of cans planted acrossed the cart. If that construction decides to crumble everything falls down!
    Should I have said something? I never know when it is my business and when not….
    Thanks for this venting! Looking forward to the next one.

  13. Im soooo with you girl!!! I got so tired of it, I started bringing my ipod to the commissary and jamming out in my own little world while shopping. It makes for a stress free commissary trip!

  14. OMG this is the funniest thing I’ve seen/heard all day. It’s all so true…how many times have I “accidently” gone to the commo on stinkin’ payday…parking lot is jammed but I live almost an hour away and I’m not coming back so I tough it out. One day I was fah-lying down the ailse trying to get to the check out and a lady who was having social hour stepped backwards without looking and jammed her achiles into my spinning wheel…then she acted like it was my fault. Snap, quit flappin your yap, get your great deal on peanut butter and bust a move lady…of course I apologized but I had to fight the urge to blurt out a quick “sorry” and keep going. Some folks just think that all the other patron automatically become their babysitters…ugh, that’s a no go…I’ve done my job, this one is yours. Keep it comin’ girl!

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