I’m sure you’ve drove past your local commissary at some point and seen rows of  bulk packaged items sitting outside  similar to those seen in stores like Costco’s or Sam’s Club.

This my friend is known as the “Commissary Caselot Sale”.  They are usually held twice a year and in most cases you can get some really great deals on items such as tissue and laundry detergent. Other items I have brought from a caselot sale include cases of kids juice boxes and can sodas. The best deal I ever got was a 100 load case of Surf Detergent for $5.99. This same box of detergent usually run upwards of $13.o0 on a normal day.

You will hear varying opinions on whether they are worth going. I would say yes if you don’t mind the sometimes very long lines and waiting outside.

According to the commissary website , some commissaries will incorporate the caselot sale in with the Fun Fitness Festival. From commissaries.com ” The festival is designed to combine commissary case lot sales, exchange sidewalk sales, MWR fitness events, demos, music, free nutritious food samples, prize giveaways, discount coupon offers, health and wellness, outreach, and children’s programs.

To find out when your local commissary is holding it’s caselot visit here.

Commissaries participating in the Fun Fitness Festival will have an *.

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