Check out what happened to me in the commissary on Thanksgiving Eve:

*Disclaimer: I talk about old people in this video .



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7 Comments on Scenes from the Commissary: The Civil War Vet Tells Me Off

  1. Oooooh that would have set me off, but I am pregnant and I can use that excuse. I would have said, I will go when the light on the display goes off and then say and please don’t touch me. But I will go off on people. I have turned around to people in movie theaters and told them to shut up as well. I have no shame, I won’t probably ever see them again. :)

  2. I would have I got to wait for the little light saying I can go to that one…… or just let them go in front of me and let the lady tell them!!!

  3. Just remember, he’s more than likely closer to death than you are…of course, if he’s meaner than dirt he might outlive us all! :P I am kidding…I would have just ignored him, or simply told him that you were waiting on the machine to inform you of which person was available. You don’t owe him or anyone else an explanation-so this is a tricky situation. And what is with those annoying “Next Please” machines anyhow. Why can’t they just let people line up like they do in every other grocery store on earth???

  4. I agree with Erika, I would have let them go ahead of me in line!! But I feel for you!! I love the elderly but for some reason at the commissary they seem to get under my skin. lol

  5. I’ve never been to a commissary that has those lights, but I know each one has their own way of doing things and I know exactly what you are saying! You found out the hard way one time of what NOT to do and then try to do the right thing and someone ELSE has a problem with it. Story of everyone’s life in the Military world! You can’t please everyone…

    I would have explained to the gentleman about the rules and the light system that is in place for a reason and if he would like to break the rules…he is more than welcome to do so…after I’m out of the way :)
    I’m the kind that can hold in my anger or frustration and “kill em with kindness” and I’m also quick and witty and will embarrass someone else right back who embarrasses me (without looking like the jerk)…but I also take into consideration that maybe people just aren’t aware of the system and I will kindly “school them”.

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