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Krystel is the mom of two and an Army Wife. In addition to Army Wife 101 she is the Co-Founder of a digital media agency that connects brands with the military market. She has appeared on MSNBC ,FOX LA and formerly was a weekly contributor to HLN's "Raising America". She has written for various outlets including Sheknows and Lifetime and is a big fan of cupcakes and french fries.

7 Comments on Army Wife 101:Myths and FAQ’s: Does Living Onpost=Drama???

  1. Crystal I totally Disagree You do not have to be hanging out with anyone or know all of your neighbors to cause problems ….. 9 years ago I was married and new to the army I did not know anyone not because I was anti social I worked most of the time … one of my neighbors decided she did not like me because of how I looked so she made the choice to phone the MP’s to tell them my brother was living with me she told this to another neighbor and thank the lord she decided what she was about to do was wrong…… at that time my husband was deployed and I had to take a class out of town for my certification…… I had a child with a disablity that should not be left unattended so my brother was kind enough to keep our girls for a month thank god my husband left me with a sponser or me and me family would have been put out of housing as I was complety new to the army way for something so trivial my sponser went to the cl that he worked for and the matter was resolved before it got out of control ……. I have seen things like this happen to many a good people in my time in I’ve found that are a lot of good people but unfortunaly there are bad ones this was the beginning of many bad situations I’ve experienced & its not from being to social as you suggested some of the wives are either plain old Crazy, Prejudice !!!!!!!!!! I have over 6000 Dollars Damage to my Vehicles to prove it because of a young man that insisted he was going to call my youngest child the n word and many other colorful ugly things … I’m happy that you have not experienced these type of things but truthfully they exist and pretty much I believe it to be a combination of several things that would possiably cause problems and they are not limited to those that like to call the MP’s its just not that cut and dry…. but again everyone has there own experience this has been mine ….. Thank you for you site Its really postive and wonderful….

    • Hi Priscilla,

      Thank you for visiting and your great feedback! I agree their are many people that have had issues with neighbors and so forth onpost without provoking it or starting it first. At the same time they are usually the exception in my experience.

      I have met alot of people who constantly say they have drama onpost and they are not involved in it and soon later learn different, that in someway they are involved somehow.

      But believe I totally understand what your saying and myself since this was posted have had an incident with a neighbor that I did not know.

      My message on here was basically that I make a few good associates or friends but I am not one to be involved in the big social scene because in my humble opinion that is where the mess starts. It is so bad here that I have been wanting to write a book on it lol…seriously!

      This was just a basic quick question and answer and thanks for responding to this because I am thinking I will update soon.

      Hooah & Smooches

    • I’m cracking up over the brother in Housing. Our neighbors at Fort Lewis who didn’t know what was going on thought I was having an affair with a good friend of ours and he was sleeping on the couch while he found an apartment back in 1998. Nobody ever asked me what was up and this was pre-major rule on how long folks could stay. He was gone in a week, but yep I supposedly had an affair with an individual that I considered one of my adult children while my daughter was in the house. The husband was short touring in Korea at the time.

  2. Krystel thank god for the spouses like yourself . If it were not for those like yourself that have better things to do with there time it would totally make it not bearable at all. I’ve been fortunate and blessed to meet a few people that simply are like myself…. only wanting to take care of there family and take care of there soldier… you are right there are those that say that drama seems to follow them only to find out later that there causing it themselves.I totally agree with you …. I’ve had the unfortunate opportunity to meet a few crazies like that myself usually because the girls meet there kids and because I’m a protective parent I have to know who my family is involved with … its sad we live a world where good old fashion values are far and few in between… God Bless and remember when someone is digging a ditch for you don’t pic up that shovel and & help them dig … smile and if they keep digging very likely they won’t be able to climb out….. & again Thank you for such a wonderful Imformational site……

  3. Krystel… I love the fact that you asked this question. My husband and i had lived on post at fort bragg (so i am very familar with spring lake and fayetteville) for about 5 months… NEVER again would i live on post ever again.. nor would i suggest anyone to live on post! my experience with living on post was absolutely aweful! i met some very great people who were neighbors but mostly the neighbors were horrible! being in the military there are people from all walks of life some good and some just down right nasty! living off post was much more suitable for our family! for me being on post is not the place i would like to raise a family. i have many many stories about the short time i had lived on post and most of them arent good ones! Not to mention how the housing cost on post was more money than for us to live off post in a much nicer home with a yard!

    it was not a good experience living on post for myself and wouldnt go bac to it EVER!

  4. Living on or offpost can always be full of drama simply because we are transients most of the time. We never really completely set down roots. I’ve done both and depending on the location, I prefer one choice to the other. I smiled over the damage to the vehicle because that has happened to me here at Fort Hood because unfortunately I have a thing about children/people/etc respecting my property and the area that I pay rent on. Children ran across my double carport headed to a motorcycle with another expensive car on the other side as I pulled up in a vintage vehicle from the commissary. I told them to get out of my yard and my carport and not come on my property unless they were playing with my children. Within days, all three cars were keyed. The motorcycle was not because it was covered. They did about four thousand dollars worth of damage and ruined the paint job on my vintage vehicle and also my “baby.” The husband was deployed and that made it worse. We didn’t move, we stayed where we are simply because financially housing at Fort Hood with all the a/c needs is the cheapest and best choice for us. Our unit is the biggest one we have ever had assigned to us since our time began in the military together in 1993. I still tell children and adults to respect my property and area because we do pay rent and respecting your neighbors has gone downhill whether or not you live on post. Now that being said, when we retire in 2.5 years, I will be doing the happy dance to go home where there are a few neighbors in our farm community but the peace and quiet away from neighborhoods and drama in neighborhoods will be over.

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