What’s with folks saying they wish “Army Wives” would be more realistic?

Warning: The following video depicts me with chipped nail polish from the dollar store and no makeup…You’ve been warned!





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10 Comments on “Army Wives” Will Never Be Real!

  1. alright i love the video! lol about the being annoying that people say its not realistic. what bothers me is not that the show is not realistic. please it just a show. a soap opera like you said, what bothers me is that some eople dont seem to realize that and really do think all of us army wives act/do things like that. or live like that come one people. is your life like the young and the restless? use common sense, is what i say to those that insist on compering us to a fiction show! ;)

  2. I agree with the first comment. I have never been a die hard fan of Army Wives but I have watched enough to hope that people outside of the military who watch the show do not view the show as a realistic depiction. Obviously, we all know better than to believe it is realistic but I simply hope other people who do not live our daily life think that is how we are.

  3. I loved this video!!! I have never heard anyone complain about it not being realistic, in fact most of my friends really enjoy the show. I should start watching…. never did because there was another one on that I really enjoyed at the same time.

    Oh and I spend a hell of a lot of time on the computer, too :)!

  4. This one group I used to be in, we had a converstation about the show. This one woman said that she would never watch it because she would have a screaming match with the televison because she would yell out what wasn’t realistic about the show. All i could think to say back to her was nothing.

  5. Peopled need to realize that TV is an entertainment source. If it was realistic it would be boring and depressing like the news. Even shows billed as Reality TV are not 100% reality and are edited for entertainment purposes.

  6. Preach! I haven’t watched the show this season (I like to wait and watch it all at once because I hate waiting). But you are SO right! When I was working in the emergency room, the nurses would crack jokes all the time saying, “Let’s do it like they do on the tv!” Then they’d run around all dramatic. Even “reality” tv isn’t real. It’s cut and edited for entertainment. Whatever. Haters can hate, I like the show regardless of what they say.

  7. Let me just say I’m not speaking ill about this show. I’ve never seen a single episode so I can’t tell you if it is good or bad. However, it is on life time! Who in the world expects a life time show to be realistic? This is the same networks that runs all the cheesy unrealistic romance movie. It is like listening to my husband complain about movies. It wasn’t ever going to be realistic! Good job on the video!

  8. Hi! I love your blog! I read it all the time. Your video was just as enjoyable and I’m a die hard fan of yours. As for agreeing or disagreeing, Im not sure I can do either, just express my opinion. Let’s just say I spent several years in europe recently in a specific secluded base outside of any major city, and not only was there the drama we see on Army Wives, but some of it was very similiar to that on the show. Im sure many posts are quiet and many army wives live drama free lives, but then there are those posts where things are constant drama and some army spouses which live similiarly to those on the show. I love being an army wife, but I can honestly say I have watched almost every episode and have seen many similarities in this one particular post where we resided for so long. Hanging with the Officer’s wives….it was never a problem for anyone. One in particular was a wonderful down to earth woman who we all loved and who was just like the rest of us. Like you said on your video, she was one of us. The affairs that have taken place on the show over the past several years, well, I think we’d be lying if we all haven’t seen that happen. The episodes about people pcs’ing (which made me reflect and brought actual tears to me) and people coming and going, some dying off, and others ets’ing were reflections of reality. I saw how hard it was for them to say goodbye when Pamela left! Wow! I so remember the reality of that….as we all do Im sure. Do we like seeing some of the stuff the soldiers do on the show which are just plain dumb and so unreal? No! And they don’t fool us when they try to make us believe this is how it is….after all, we have been thru many of these things and we live the life every day. But all in all, I would have to say the similarities which I have experienced living as an army wife on base are definitely as close a depiction as anyone can come. I love the show and I tell my civilian friends to watch it. They are always asking me, “is that for real”, and “do they really do that?” I think we all hear it. I’d guess I’d have to answer that I view the show as a dramatized way of sharing what we all experience in our lives as army wives. No it’s not “real”, but there are sure a lot of episodes depicting situations we are all too familiar with. Oh, by the way. When the show first started, the producers staged their episodes based on letters and suggestions from REAL ARMY WIVES. That is how the show began! May Army Wives live on :)

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