If you read my blog no secret my husband ETS’ed out of Active Duty but…there’s more!

Doesn’t look like the Army is going away anytime soon …find out why in the video below:




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20 Comments on Yes He ETS’d…But We Can’t Seem To Get Away From The Army!

  1. This is exactly what we are planning on doing this July! My husband is ETS’ing in July and plans on going to trucking school. Unfortunately for us we have no Army base in Maine, but we can use the Air Force mini commissary.

  2. Sounds like that’s a pretty common occurance. My hubby is prepping to ETS as soon as he can. We (or rather he) is in the process of seeking employment for when he’s out of Active Duty and also wants to go AGR. I’ll be checking in with your blog to see how things are going, so keep us updated!

  3. I sent you a Facebook message, please read it :) preview- before my husband joined the Army he was a truck driver for 16 years…. now go see what I sent you :)

  4. I cannot wait for more details on the ETS process. My husband is newly enlisted (1yr). We have somewhat experienced “cut backs” and possible med boarding. My husband joined at the age of 29 and at his first AIT he discovered he’s claustrophobic! We had to wait for 6 months, yes 6 to find out wether he would be reclassed or med boarded. It came down to the absolute last day when he finally was able to reclass to his new MOS! It was EXTREMELY stressful! I am thankful we were able to experience some the worse case scenarios in the beginning of our journey. After all we’re not newly weds 18-20 y/o excited about being on our own and see being broken as an adventure, lol. We’re 30 y/o with kids n bills. Thanks for being so open and honest with us.

  5. I am a current AGR National Gaurd wife…….I can say cut backs are happening every where. we are currently waiting for notification of results of his 20 year reveiw…..hate checking mail everyday not wanting to see that big envelope. I do know that AGR jobs are hard to come by most people who have them will stay in as long as they can because it is a great job. My husband currently works alot leaves at 6 or 7 am and i am lucky if he is home by 7pm. plus he drills with his different units around 3 weekends a month so the AGR life is just as hetic as Active life……I can say I am a ARMY WIFE……good luck to you all

  6. We are Navy and seeing the cut backs, too. It so sad….. especially when the sailors are fighting for their jobs and some change their MOS just to stay in. My husband was on the chopping block a year ago and it was the most stress we have felt. Thank goodness for promotion because it gave us an extra 6 years.

    Your story gives hope for those in the same position. Thank you for sharing…

    PS.. I love you blog! It is quickly becoming one of my favorites!

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