I know from my own personal experience how hard any holiday or special day is without a loved one. Despite how you feel about holidays or days that have become more commercialized then anything I still wanted to take the time to tell you that this Mother’s Day if you are without your loved one that you are more then special . If you are wondering how to spend that special day and get some much needed time to yourself (because deployments can be stressful) then check out a few tips below:

Let It Be (Temporarily)

If you have children I know how tempting it can be to play super mom everyday but have a seat. So what if toys are all over the living room or play room floor, let it be for the moment. Let the kids have a field day with their toys (within your sight) curl up on the couch or on the floor and surf the net or read a good book.

Do Something Special With The Kids

The last Mother’s Day I spent alone I and the kids did one of our favorite things…Movie Day! Imagine going to the movies on Mother’s Day and guess what no crowds because everyone is at dinner. While I hate the prices at the movies this is the one day we indulge in popcorn, drinks, the works. The movies are fun and while we miss Daddy I am lucky to get those special moments with just me and my kids.

Bubble Bath


This seems like an easy suggestion but you would be surprised how many moms make all these excuses about not having time to take a shower nevertheless a bubble bath. I say BS put the rugrats to bed at a reasonable hour, stop trying to play wonder women. Throw some Dawn Dish Detergent (LOL) in the tub and have a soak. Bring the Kindle in there to but don’t drop it hehe!

Give Yourself a Day Off From Cooking

So what it’s a Sunday! Order in your favorite food or treat yourself to your favorite dinner. I know these seem like simple suggestions but some of you ladies are hardheaded and needed a push :D

Have A Skype Date or Video Record Your Day

No secret you miss your man and the kiss miss Daddy and if it makes you feel better, set up a date online with the hubby or if he is not available after hours maybe you can set the laptop on the table while eating and have him join you for dinner. You would be amazed at the power of Skype! I won’t even begin to tell you some of the places that Mr. Army Wife 101 has been via the computer! You can also record what you did that day for your hubby to see when he comes home.

Lastly I have lots of giveaways coming up just for you , so be sure to enter those as a thank you from some of the military wife bloggers who knows what it is to spend Mother’s Day alone during deployments.

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Happy Mother’s Day!




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2 Comments on Mother’s Day During A Deployment

  1. I stressed and stessed about my first Mothers day witout my I went out to eat with other Moms and their kids whos husband were away training with mine. I REALLY stressed my first mothers day during a deployment but I let my kids plan and I found that my kids are amazing planners! I let them plan out mothers day and they did a great job! My kids actually told my husband hands off this year, they are doing the planning again. They set up a mini spa in my downstairs, and they made me breakfast in bed which consisted of frozen breakfast food, but they did it. No help from anyone. They planned activities that each of the 6 kids got to do with me. It was awesome. I have yes to have a better mothers day.

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